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  1. If her "rock" is something like Rock Boy or Don't Keep Me Waiting, and her "artsy fartsy" is Coupure Electrique and What U Need... But our queen will be FREE to do whatever she wants, even an ASMR album if she wants
  2. I would change the cover duet thing with Ariana with: Candy (feat. Mandy Moore) or I Wanna Be Bad (feat. Willa Ford)
  3. I was excited for the songs, but then... I was hoping for a 4-track EP with full songs, not this piece of s***
  4. At least is LALISA and not LAJENNIE
  5. It's fake, she was referring to Dua, not Madonna. I hate those fake rumors!! The only rumors I like are:
  6. In the Zone all the way!!!! It wins in all the categories without a doubt, except for "better single choices", that one was hard af: MATM vs. HIAM Toxic vs. TTWE Everytime vs. IWG Outrageous vs. Criminal The second and third singles were very strong and iconic, while the lead ones are more debatable. The last ones were just terrible choices, especially when both albums were plenty of single-worthy material (Breathe on Me, Boom Boom, Touch of My Hand, Inside Out, Big Fat Bass, Trouble for Me...)
  7. I'm from Valencia too! And I stan Britney, Madonna and Rihanna since I was a child! I stan Miley, Dua Lipa and Kylie too
  8. Demi Lovato Azealia Banks Katy Perry Kanye West Not always, but sometimes I can't stand Lady Gaga
  9. Christina Aguilera - Lotus (2012) and Liberation (2018) Britney Spears - Britney Jean (2013) Lady Gaga - Joanne (2016) and Chromatica (2020) Miley Cyrus - Younger Now (2017) Madonna - Rebel Heart (2015). I can't with some demos being superior than the final versions. Also, Queen being replaced by Autotune Baby at the very last minute... I would say that Madame X disappointed me too, but after listening to the lead single, Medellín, I couldn't expect a masterpiece of an album
  10. Honestly, I gave up on listening FF and BJ when all of the Myah Marie drama started. They don't sound like Britney at all, they are sung by a robotic voice that tries to imitate our queen, but fails at the first attempt. However, on most of Glory tracks, you can feel Britney's soul
  11. I think this thread is not appropriate right now, when we know all of the **** that our queen B has faced (and is still facing) during that **** CS. In addition, we cannot blame her for giving bad performances, we know enough facts to say that our team abused her and forced her to perform despite her condition.
  12. BOMT - I Will Be There OIDIA - What U See (Is What U Get) Britney - Lonely In the Zone - (I Got That) Boom Boom GHMP - (I've Just Begun) Having My Fun Chaotic - Mona Lisa Blackout - Radar (released as a single from Blackout before Womanizer, and not including it as a bonus track on Circus) Circus - Kill the Lights The Singles Collection - Telephone (feat. Lady Gaga) Femme Fatale - Big Fat Bass (feat. will.i.am) Britney Jean - Alien Glory - Better All of them with proper music videos
  13. Sure, almost all of us white people were once racist, because of our ignorance. With education and respect we can fight racism. If Justin Bieber (or any other white celeb) once made racist comments when he was young, doesn't mean he's still racist and couldn't educate himself.
  14. I think I need a break from his 80s sound, I hope he starts with new sounds
  15. It should be called Bitten (stylished as B10). Or maybe Queen B ? And I would like a more adult sound (don't care if it leans more towards R&B or towards country/pop-rock), with personal lyrics sung in her natural lower register instead of using her baby voice. Of course, there should be space for catchy pop bops, but they should be cohesive with the rest of the album (maybe connected with interludes?).
  16. "La da di, la di da It's the only way to love" Brenda Joanne at her best
  17. I think we must be patient, it shouldn't be too easy to handle all this stuff in just one week, so can we all give this man a trust hand???
  18. No, they should stop making money off Britney!!! What about the #FreeBritney movement??? Or will you forget about it if the label releases unreleased music that quench your thirst?? There are so many selfish fans!!!! Of course we want an album made of unreleased songs from every era of hers, but in the case that we get an album like that, she must be the one that decides if it should see the light of day or not. In my opinion, she should become an independent artist as soon as the cs is over, and release music on her own.
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