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What are Jamie Lynn’s actual earnings?

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I can’t imagine Zoey 101 makes much money anymore? Is it even being replayed? Her recent stint to relaunch Zoey 101 was a complete flop. :jl_jamie_lynn_awkward_cringe_eek: she doesn’t have a fan base. So going back to singing won’t work either. 


The best gig she got was the Netflix acting job. 

I agree that the husband brings in more consistent income than she does. 


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I was 10 when Zoey 101 came out, so I watched the show as a kid. As a kid judging another kid, I found that Zoey had this weird attitude, which I'd always imagined was what JLS' was like in real life. I've always have been super annoyed by how arrogant she was cause I can't imagine her having to work/audition to get the part.

She was okay on All That tho, I actually quite enjoyed watching her there. 


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Her husband is rich I guess, plus I really don't think Zoey 101 was ever a hit neither I've seen that show being re-played or anything she might get some royalties for it but it won't be huge IMO. 

I saw this show Sweet Magnolias and she has a small role in it so I am not sure what else she does because that women clearly said she's been paying HER OWN BILLS SINCE SHE WAS 10 :jl_jamie_lynn_awkward_cringe_eek::sipnstare_coffee_mug_tea_sipping_spilling_red:

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She did make $1 mil from Maddies baby pics in 2008, I hope she kept some of that for the kid.

Louisiana property records show she bought land last year for $460,000,

Her hubby owns tonnes of companies, some are obsolete and some are still running. He's a truck company owner, but on her documentary they said he was a media specialist?) He also owns tonnes of properties under shill names. 

She def lives beyond her means, in her 2016 documentary her and Jamie snr were ordering a 3 course dinner off the room service menu. Who even does that.

In the first series of her netflix series, from her IG stories she was staying in a huge hotel suite with room service all the time, and this series from her stories - she's in a rented apartment with a kitchen. Looks like someone saw her spending.

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