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Gaga, Madonna, Ariana etc. SAY SOMETHING!

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6 hours ago, ThisMeowBiteback said:

Y’all obsession over these people to say something is annoying at this point. Who cares ????

I care cause the most Is brought to media attention, the less Brit Will have to wait.

Our power Is great, lets use it! Lets make It real! 

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Once brit is free, they will probably talk how they supported Britney and wished her the best etc. And we will not buy that. They will probably side with who is strong at that moment.


Otherwise there is no logical explaination when they do not show support for Brit. Its not just about supporting britney, its about helping someone who claimes to be abused and controlled. Its about humanity.


Most of them lost credibility in my eyes. I respect Cher more than any of those artists combined such as Madonna, gaga, ariana etc. I will probably still enjoy their music but they do not have any respect from me anymore. They can fake it on cameras that they care about human rights, equality etc as much as they want.

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See guys, the world doesn't revolve around our fave anymore. Stop living in 2004 - these people are ruling from the past decade and don't care about Britney. Why the hell we are talking about them? They are Fake AF - if britney ever decides to come back and make music they know it'll outsell them by the support Brit is getting. 

This is showbiz, let's get real artists do what's convenient for them. People who believe Taylor supported kesha for "feminism" are the most stupid people on earth. 

Taylor only does what she does when she's the victim being played, she doesn't care and let her fans do the dirty work. Get out of the bubble, nobody owes Britney anything. She's a 39 year old women - and she is more than confident this time. 

But for christina, I would like to say - she literally has nothing to loose. She's been flopping since 2006 - I mean girl I as rooting for you. :clicktina_xtina_christina_aguilera_mouse_computer:


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