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Adele and Chris Brown are reportedly "hanging out"

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On 10/13/2020 at 8:24 AM, Roxxy said:

No surprise here. Adele is a Dragon just like Rihanna. The Dragon and Snake pair is one of the most compatible in the chinese zodiac. Lots of hot smex.

Get some, Adele! :urite_wendy_williams_red_yes_earrings_nod_proud_wow_impressed:

Yet Riri is a Pisces (an Aries dominant one) while Adele is an earth/air heavy Taurus. You can tell just by looking at their birth charts Adele is kind of boring when compared to Rihanna :goat_monster_devil_dance_dancing_makeup_brush: 

Poor Chris Brown is a troubled Taurus (out of sect Mars in fall opposing both Uranus and Saturn :eheeek_britney_unsure_ew_gross_um_awkward_embarrassed_cringe::eheeek_britney_unsure_ew_gross_um_awkward_embarrassed_cringe::eheeek_britney_unsure_ew_gross_um_awkward_embarrassed_cringe:, detrimented Sun, as well as Moon opposing Pluto :eheeek_britney_unsure_ew_gross_um_awkward_embarrassed_cringe: and the axis is that of fixed signs Taurus/Scorpio :eheeek_britney_unsure_ew_gross_um_awkward_embarrassed_cringe:, Sun conjunct Moon loosely conjunct Venus also which yes, is extremely nice but the downsides are not that nice especially since all of them are witnessed by Pluto, Saturn and Neptune :eheeek_britney_unsure_ew_gross_um_awkward_embarrassed_cringe:). His birth chart screams anger issues, power struggle, pleasure seeking and deluuuuusion :yaknow_britney_xfactor_X_factor_talk_tell_chat_you_know:

Anyway :yaknow_britney_xfactor_X_factor_talk_tell_chat_you_know: my point is Chris x Rihanna is nowhere near the same deal as Chris x Adele :yaknow_britney_xfactor_X_factor_talk_tell_chat_you_know: aries x taurus is always explosive for better or for worse :yaknow_britney_xfactor_X_factor_talk_tell_chat_you_know: although personally I'd never ship it, they never seem to see eye to eye hence they clash :britdrown_britney_tears_crying_drown_ink_black:


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