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Exhale, please give a warm welcome to the new Curator team & our new moderator!

Jordan Miller

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Hey Exhale! I wanted to take a moment and give a special shout-out to some special Exhalers who've positively contributed to our growing community.

Announcing Exhale's new content Curator team and new moderator!


For nearly 16 years, the homepage of BreatheHeavy has featured content pretty much exclusively written by me. I don't want people to perceive BH or Exhale as "my" site anymore. It's OUR site, and the homepage needed to reflect that.

Once I decided I decided that Exhale should be the face of BH moving forward, I decided to "Feature" Exhaler's topics on the homepage. You may recall a few weeks ago that the first 9 stories on the homepage were topics I created. The next 9 were started by Exhalers.

On the right track, but still... it was too much (*Britney voice*) MAE. 

I changed it again to what it is now: a total of 21 Featured topics on the homepage. They include topics created either by myself or a fellow Exhaler. 

You probably don't know this, but when I include an Exhaler's topic on the homepage, I use a "Feature" tool. I can go into your topic and "Feature" it if I feel more people should see it, and that tells the homepage to display said topic. 

Then, @Roxxy, aside from being our flawless resident Super Moderator, also started Featuring Exhaler's topics, too, which lead to an idea to include a content Curator team. 

Cue our new Curators team: @Dark.Knight, @Urbanney and @PokemonSpears

We reached out to these three Exhalers and asked if they'd also like to have this "Feature" ability, and lucky for us they agreed! 

What does this mean?

  • They will have the ability to Feature their topics on the homepage of Exhale
  • They will also have the capacity to Feature YOUR topics on the homepage as well

 We want the homepage to feel fresh throughout the day, and want more people to see your topics. If you create something thoughtful, engaging or discussion-worthy, your topic will likely get Featured. Featured topics will be seen by thousands of people per day! 

Please reach out to me personally if you have any questions about this. 🙏 



Myself and @Roxxy also decided we could use a little more support as things continue to grow here. I'm very grateful @puppylo16 has agreed to join our little team in helping moderate Exhale. 

Moderation powers include:

  • Pin topics
  • Merge topics
  • Feature topics on the homepage
  • Edit comments/topics/polls
  • Hide comments/topics
  • Move topics
  • Lock/unlock topics
  • View reports

If you need help with anything, you have several options. You can submit a support request, or reach out to either myself, Roxxy or Puppy. 

A huge thank you to the new team members for taking a leap of faith in helping make Exhale a better place. :crying1:

And another big thanks to YOU for being a part of Exhale. I am very dedicated and driven to making this forum one of THE best on the Internet. :beat:

I have so many exciting plans in the works, so stay tuned!

Now, gold star if you made it all the way to the bottom of my post 😂 and PLEASE give some props to @puppylo16@Dark.Knight, @Urbanney,  @PokemonSpears and @Roxxy!

Sending you good vibes,
- Jordan
Founder and community leader of BreatheHeavy | Exhale

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Well, thanks so much.tenor.gif


I hope I can contribute to make this place a better place, after all the years of entertainment it's given me. My main goal will always be to feature anything Britney related, especially my faves Oops and Britney Jean :haha: but maybe I'll start annoying you in a few weeks by introducing you to some of our Latin icons that most of you might not know but would be cool if you checked out.


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Just woke up. :imacat:

Please give a warm welcome to @puppylo16 @PokemonSpears @Dark.Knight and @Urbanney. Show some love. 💛💙🖤💚

Also, to our "Community Builder"@JordanMiller, this would not have happened if not for him. :mattafact:

It's about time we added new members to the team. Imagine how tired I am to powerpuff, save the day. Fighting crime. Trying to save the world~ :barbie:

Oh no, it's the mad Fuzzy Lumpkins! Watch out, and the repulsive Roach Coach! Get him, it's evil Mojo Jojo! Chasing evil out this town! :pika:

Fighting crime. Trying to save the forum. Here they come, just in time~ :prettyney:

The Power... Rangers! 🖤💖💙💛💚

The four of them each have their own unique qualities, and that is why they were chosen to be Rangers. :chrissy:

It's been a while. I know we shouldn't have kept you waiting. But we here now. :thelook:


Super Moderator / Pink Ranger

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