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Question: Will Britney only come back when she is ready to release B10?

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1 hour ago, MissSpearsSaysSo said:

That will probably be the case. It’s just a matter of waiting for now. I would imagine something by the end of the year or early next year. 

yeh I reckon shes taking a break from everything and just spending time with her family, maybe dipping into the studio for the odd session but tbh I think B10 will be practically done now anyway. I think shes probably, not in a  bad/horrible way, using her dads health scare to say to her management 'give me a break'. im glad we're not seeing her right now tbh, hopefully it means everyone is leaving her alone and shes getting a break

Anyway, regarding B10, I fully reckon we're gunna get it  towards end of 2019. nov/dec 2019 

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We cant assume anything by now. We don't know what agreement she made with MGM, maybe they set her a deadline or maybe they completely canceled her contract, we don't know. 


About her music, there isn't any indicative we can name to say she is coming with new music. Glory could have been released at the same time POM 2.0 started but I didn't so... Music may come anytime ONCE she starts doing something else with the Vegas thing or Larry says at least something about what's coming. 

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Guest Rockdaboat07

Will only release when she is going to announce domination again. Pretty sure her team sees the decline in tix sales because they know a new album is needed to go side to side with the resident

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4 hours ago, mauureee said:

She will when her father gets better :bedtime:

JLS who lives and is very close to Jamie, is constantly posting **** no one gives a damn about it on Instagram like she is a reality star tho :raven::raven:

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Red carpet on opening night in Chicago for the musical..
And, I really do believe whole-heartedly - We are gonna see papparazi photos of her out and about with her kids, smiling, wearing weird clothes in flip-flops, and we are all gonna discuss she has gained weight...

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