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Revisiting the 2011 Hold It Against Me Choreo. Could 2016-2019 Britney pull it off?

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The original choreography is great. Brian Friedman's style is so sharp that it makes Britney let out that inner aggressive manly style I love from her but..... 2011ney executed those routines (HIAM & TTWE) so poorly that it looks cheap. There were glimpses but in general it was average or under average. :donewithit:


I feel like these choreographies have something in common with the original POM outfits. They were great by themselves but Britney's shape at the time made them look bad. :yeaok:

Id like to see what 2017/2018ney would look like wearing the initial WB shiny catsuit or the BTI urban black pants-fedora outfit. She would look amazing. :tiffanynod:

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That breakdown is not that hard. I don't know why she refused the perform this breakdown then. I thought the original breakdown would be more complicated. But pretty simple. lazy *****. Currently can do that easily. But she needs sensual moves. More hip action less hand movements. 

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23 hours ago, britneymegamix said:

I like this choreography, but she can't do it. I feel like she should feel every single movement and the rhythm overall to execute it in the best way. 

the only move i cant imagine her doing is the jumping... but at the end i know ffney would never drop down on the floor like that but POMney did it with grace:




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