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  1. LMFAO Funny that this place worships Lynne now after years of dragging her for being a stage mom.
  2. Wow. What a messed up thing to think. I swear this site hates her. Why would anyone want her to hear that???
  3. Exhale showing yet again that y'all hate Brit. Anyway I love how normal her closet is.
  4. They seem to forget who she is because of the last few years. Remember Britney used to talk to us. She is strange and we love her for it! I mean, remember “Omg is Like Lindsay Lohan Like Okay Like.”? That would be called "unstable" now but just a few weeks ago y'all were saying this wasn't crazy. She has always cared about her body! I mean, she always put pics up looking better than the pap pics when unflattering pics come out but now it's seen as crazy? It's like she can't win! Even when doing the same things she used to do. That people claimed they wanted back. Instead I think they wanted her to change.
  5. Every single post on the front page is full of people tearing everything she does apart. It's gross how this site treats this woman.
  6. You guys hate her. Everything she does is nickpicked. No wonder she keeps clapping back.
  7. People were for sure bashing her and expecting thank yous. I'll post examples since you refuse to believe: Saying she deserves more bashing: Calling her a *****: All from People here were bashing her left and right because she didn't say what they wanted her to. There's even some in this post that you must have ignored.
  8. You seem to want an explanation from her. Guess what? She doesn't owe anything to you. I thought this whole thing was about Britney being free to do what she wants? Not put in another cage of fan expectations because fans decided to do FreeBritney.
  9. Britney does not owe you guys anything. None of this is about you. Let Britney do what Britney wants.
  10. The people that were literally saying that she owed it to them to be nice because "they were only trying to help her" after that I post on my IG video. Are you really trying to act like people on this very board didn't say that?
  11. This whole board pretty much has been bashing her the past few days for not doing what they expect because they've tried to help her. It's like she owes y'all because y'all did FreeBritney. Something she never asked for. You guys were bashing her makeup and hair because it wasn't "perfect" anymore. Since when has Brit cared about looking perfect for IG? She spoke out but didn't say something y'all wanted to hear. You guys bashed her for being "rude". She's posting workout videos and fashion shows (nothing new) and guess what? More bashing! She does not owe you guys anything! This is her!
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