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Stronger: Have They Started Marketing Britney's New Show?

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We all know the recent entertainment tonight articles have been pushed with by team brit alone or by the pressure of park mgm. A new one was posted about Brit being the definition of stronger.

I know this might sound crazy.. but are they already started the promotion of  the “stronger” aspect so that britney can come back “stronger than ever?” ... with a new show called “Stronger”:airpls:


Heres the video..


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3 hours ago, Commotion said:

omg stronger is so good for a title. I'd say better than Domination absolutely, and obviously that would come with a cool remix of Stronger which I'd love.

True, and a great marketing strategy to the public, another “comeback” :gloss: but i can deal with that if it creates hype for britney in the general public again :brit:

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1 hour ago, nerdygeekgrl said:

I won't be surprised. I still think she's gonna begin her residency in the summer. Park MGM isn't replacing her residency dates which makes me think that maybe it'll be starting then. 

I'm dying to know what's going on cuz I'm gonna be in Vegas in july and need to know whether to get tix for a different show or not lol 

summer? :demi:


Jokes, I hope so too.. I think they just needed some time to figure out the direction of the show, and in the spring they’ll reannounce the show with a new single/album, hopefully :yesplease:

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