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  1. thats totally fine.... gurl needs a break from the industry.... besides music trends nowadays are mostly crap so i dont mind getting new stuff from her right now and in the next few years... just release original doll and super deluxe versions of albums from baby to blackout and im good....
  2. Brinny, once your free and sorted things out, leave cali. Thats the way to do it. And oh! Make sure you expose ur family and burn them souls to ashes! They deserve to suffer multiple times until they are on their knees begging for forgiveness.... but your giving them no mercy gurl coz they wronged you and abandoned u many many times and you suffered enough. No mercy for your trash family! No mercy!
  3. Liar is good... but make me and slumber party (WiTHOUT TINASHEEEEEER!!! ) are better songs off glory. Actually, glory is a good album but it isnt my fave. Her vocals are not the best on that record. I guess its because of the production or what, but for me she seems like shes having cold althroughout the songs. Some of the vocals are too chipmunkney... tho some parts are heavenly to the ears.
  4. InTheZoney is really my fave. Shes very sensual and sassy during this time. But "britney" era is also my fave. **** but sweet. ... Even the music during these times are so good as well... for me the early 2000s are the golden years of hip hop rap and urban influenced pop...
  5. Its the eyes that i see similarities to britney.... The dark side of this family is really something else... its creepy. Her late grandmother was too young to die. Thats really sad. I commend britneys inner strength and faith to get through everything she had gone through.... she could have taken her life from that toxic situation with all the depression, anxiety and problems but she chose to stay and live. May our dear Lord bless this woman and protect her from the monsters of the world.
  6. The only fact on this report is that Brinny is not retired yet and will be releasing an album... but no one knows the exact details... so we just have to wait and see.
  7. Demi doesnt want to call them aliens and prefer to call them ET instead... ok fine. Similarly, she doesnt want to address herself as a SHE because she WANTS people to call her a THEM.... WTF??! Seriously, my brain cant really handle this pronoun crap! I may offend anyone here but this PRONOUN thing is so dumb... Cancel me. Fine. But if youre a boy/man at birth, then youre a HE. If youre a girl/woman at birth, then youre a SHE. If youre a gay man and youre visually looking like a real woman, wearing women clothes and everything... then in my opinion its safe to call you a SHE, right? (Transgender or not) If youre a man and youre dressing like a man and looking like a man, then its safe to call you a HE, right? Regardless if youre gay or not. Same applies to lesbian... People should not complicate things. use of THEM for a single person is the dumbest thing i ever come across. Sorry im ignorant and im not a native english speaker but this is so wrong in many aspects. These people may have issues with their identities and whatnot... but lets accept that society is not just about them... there are other issues to be concerned about and not focusing on this PRONOUN thing... that you not addressing them on their preferred pronoun is disrespectful... TF??? If you want to be called or addressed differently, then find a different word... not THEM because it confuses majority of everyone. You can say that im disrespectful, but its my opinion and understanding. For me addressing people is based on their true gender and/or physical appearance (just like what i have stated above). You cant let a stranger address you a THEM just because you insist for yourself that youre a THEM... you will be addressed by HE or SHE based on your true gender and/or on your insisted appearance.... and thats a fact. I feel like these people like Demi and Halsey who make sure that they are addressed as them are so self centered and full of themselves. Like seriously? DEMI youre a SHE! ugh!!!
  8. I know our brinny likes these kind of dresses... and we are all used to seeing her in this tight fitting dresses... But i hope she wears differently when she decides to comeback and do promo again. I mean she would be 40+ if that happens so she needs a stylist to make her even look beautiful... ...given that she already has a beautiful body, professional stylist can make it even look better. A mix of mature woman but still **** look. (Not the i'm a mom now look... no shade to FF promos LOL 😆😆😆)
  9. Moving out in california is the most logical thing to do. Why are all these celebs living in this hellla of a place? california a corrupt place to stay and so are these celebs staying there. They feed the system. #abandonCA brinny!
  10. Demi wants that NYT documentary about her add+ction. Sorry girl but no.
  11. I cant stand that ******** face of sam ingham. Makes me throw up! I pray to God that he suffer in afterlife!
  12. I'm glad that i never liked this country turned pop star ***. Her persona is too much for me. No need for her freeBritney support. She can keep it.
  13. I woke up to this great news. I'm so happy for britney... she waited this long to happen and now its coming to an end. The november hearing will be the greatest gift for her.... she will be a free woman next year. Literally, "britney's life will begin at 40". She deserves life and happiness more than anybody else because shes the sweetest person. We love u brinny!
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