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  1. In my personal view I don't want even a cent or 0,0000001% of a cent produced with my stream going to a man who makes Britney feel afraid. Her team must be making some money from these because they've only been pumping fan dedicated content out since she's stopped working (Mood Ring internationally, SITS, new version of Glory, My Only Wish and the future releases). They never bothered with fan service when she was making them money touring Other than that yeah, it feels it is in extremely poor taste. It's like making her work when she just doesn't want to, you've got people on this same threat wanting Britney to make a video for it? She's literally told a judge she's not working. The Britney brand should be on hiatus.
  2. im so sad i like this song but i want her to be free anyway lets listen to rips and SWIM IN THE STARS TONIGHTTTT low key this is her first single released since Perfume that has no features
  3. Thoughts on this song and situation: Some parts don't sound like Britney even if they are, I believe low key it's cus of the bad track record with her and soundalikes in her songs. Britney is not working at the moment I'm listening to a rip and not streaming nor buying anything on any platform since this makes money to the man Britney is scared of and under whom she will not perform again. The Britney team is literally trying to pull a Britney Jean on us unearthing material with doubtful vocals with cute new pictures. The song is cute and could've worked as an album track in the vein of Invitation, Just Luv Me and Man on the Moon. However, the sound quality is awful. I'd be disappointed if I were listening on vinyl. Britney has not said a word about these songs coming out. As Britney was involved with Glory heavily and she loved the album, she could've just literally said "hey guys I've got some songs that didn't make the cut but they're amazing, I'm putting them out there now because of #justiceforglory!" and she's literally been silent She may not even remember recording these or worse, dislikes them and that's why they're not on Glory. This is an obvious Breathe In Breathe Out reject, same producer, same timeframe in 2015. Her team is SO TONE DEAF WHY ARE THEY RELEASING A SONG WITH A COVER THAT HAS BRITNEY WITH CHAINS ON THE FLOOR AND SHUSHING AT THE LISTENER? In 2016, this would've felt like a huge win and a tounge in cheek moment, because it felt like a triumphant year for her. But knowing all of her issues since the Domination cancellation, this looks H O R R I B L E tlrd dont finance her awful oppresive team, fight for #freebritney and listen to illegal rips!
  4. After reading Mariah's memoir, it feels like in a parallel dimension it'd be her in the same situation with her siblings being able to own her money. Britney is a grown woman who should be able to just exist and live with her money she's earned through the decades of performing, touring, recording, writing, marketing, promoting, dancing, singing (at times), and being Britney ******* Spears. Hopefully Sam possibly having his hands on her money is a momentary thing and with time and due process it'll come back to her. She'll finally live her dream of just living and thriving in a huge mansion getting railed by a 24 year old, sometimes releasing perfumes and maybe changing an album cover to keep her numbers up.
  5. I don't expect an album at all unless she's contractually obligated (and then we'd have BJ 2.0) If she even wants to be in the music industry after the conservatorship then she should write her own stuff and show her talent. I'm sure she was discouraged from doing music around the Original Doll era, Blackout she was on top of, but for Circus she'd turn off.
  6. Okay so I don't dislike Beyonce, I'm gonna reply a lil here I haven't seen evidence of that and even if she did, Britney herself has literally carbon copied Janet's choreographies. People are inspired. Same could've been argued for Everytime and Britney releasing a song about a topic that was everywhere in the media. I don't see how Beyonce made up anything though. That's the VMAs not caring about Britney. They also had Gaga dressed up as Joe Calderone trying to kiss Britney, that whole segment was awful. There's this strange feud between Beyonce and Britney that basically only exists on Britney standom that I don't get. Lemonade was amazing.
  7. Start with Baby One More Time, or at least the first notes, faintly Britney saying "do you wanna come over?": Baby One More Time, Oops!... I Did It Again mashup Then there's a whole breakdown and "It's Britney *****!" comes on: Gimme More, Scream & Shout, Breathe on Me mashup (it's a slutney section and we know she loves Breathe) Toxic (the straights need a somewhat full Toxic performance) Here Rihanna and Nicki Minaj come on stage: S&M Remix Till The World Ends Remix Lights go down and we hear "it's just me," "I'm running this" as guest singers have gone and now Britney's all alone again on stage Piece of Me (with a huge montage of "Britney's over!!!!" 2007/2008 news articles) Circus Encore: Work Work / Stronger
  8. If Britney sings on BJ, then someone really ****ed up cus I can't hear her. If Britney didn't sing on BJ, then someone really ****ed up. But regardless, I think a main point people don't talk about when discussing BJ is the writing and production credits. I don't get why they'd lie and say she wrote a Sia song, a random EDM demo in It Should Be Easy, the line about drinking wine when she's been sober since 2008. I believe she wrote 0 lyrics for this album. Anthony Preston worked on this album and then never worked on anything again, so that's really scary to me. Is he to blame? Is Will.I.Am? Is it Britney? Side thing, Circus becomes strange when you realise it's Myah singing the pre-chorus. And someone is singing the chorus in He About to Lose Me and I hate it.
  9. she really is a queen that can give you Moscas en la Casa and Chantaje isn't she I wish she would do something a little more Fijación Oral and less El Dorado but I stan either way
  10. lol every couple of weeks/months this topic reappears yes there are worst things out there in the world but Brenda Joan is not better than literally anything else she has ever released you can enjoy it in an ironic way like the fake Britney runs the different girls who aren't Britney try to do in some songs and tbh I loved Christina's first album, Mandy Moore's, so the concept of a fake Britney album isn't new and we can still enjoy it
  11. This guy made at least one annoying video about Britney and his conspiracy theories about Mona Lisa I've had him cancelled since he tried to act as a psychologist and assigned mental illnesses to people he has never met for millions of views, allying himself with star was also **** bougie ***** who's been on youtube for forever should also have some thicker skin
  12. Queen of being eternally relevant even when everyone is locked in: Queen of speed (faster than Usain Bolt) Queen of twirling Queen of eras: the Glory era is her longest one since she's been promoting it in 2020 Queen of the gays: she loves us all at the LGBT community Queen of burning her house gym down and it being a meme Queen of delaying her slay: posting mixes for Mood Ring now with an old new vocal line and also the new Glory cover Queen of memes again: Criminal and If U Seek Amy being memes on TikTok Queen of communism: promoting loving each other and spreading her fortune among her stans This is just during covid time she really is also the queen of my heart isnt she
  13. Madonna deserves tbh, she's been there for us since the 80s when no one would be
  14. ugh I love the three of them. They're for different moods (rings) I feel
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