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Is Kill The Lights her most underrated single?

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1 hour ago, Goku said:

The bridge is HEAVEN. :wontcry:

I think Danja tried to emulate the whole moody/dark sound of the album to stay consistent but the songs suffered especially KTL. :tiffsniffle:

The zero consistency and lack of direction in the sound make the album a whole mess of genres with bops. :gloss:

i'm getting downvoting for telling the truth :uknowit:, next thing i know i'll be getting downvoted for saying that DWAD was mostly lip-synched 

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6 hours ago, Dark.Knight said:

not really a single, just a fan made video from a contest was released for it 


5 hours ago, PokemonSpears said:

half a video, but not technically a single.

Maybe, a promo single, because I think it came as a bonus with one of her perfumes along with a Circus remix

LMAO, why the downvoting these two comments? :mhmsureny: it's a FACT that KTL is NOT a single, it was never included in a collection, it was NOT included in "The Single Collection" Box Set, the music video was never released on DVD and i've never seen it on TV...

i love KTL but it is NOT a single, period! :truthtea:

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:jj:KTL is not a single even tho it has a music video. It wasn't even promotional single. It just happened to chart and got it's music video because of that fanfict competition. Music video does not make song a single, as we have Outrageous that does not have MV :useeinthis:


Edit: it wasn't promotional single for circus but it was added to "circus fantasy" promotional cd in australia alongside with some circus remix

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