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  1. Yea. I don't blame her. That was a pretty typical Nicole Ssdlmqwdklqdas performance; boring.
  2. Yea. I thought it was pretty bad. To me, Nicole lacks stage charisma; she's not interesting to watch alone and her live vocals have always sounded bland to me regardless of how many high notes she can hit. I'm not a big PCD fan but where was Melody? If they're reuniting then I want Melody back, at least she had character! This looked too much like a typical Nicole Swesdfljfadsifhsdfiosd performance. Hasn't she learned that PCD is more than just her? This is a character group with the lead singer Nicole. Show us the other characters too or gtfo Nicole.
  3. 'Britney'.... Yea, I still listen to Slave and Overprotected a lot but it is very rare that I seek out anything else from that album. I quoted some lines from Lonely the other day but I didn't go listen to the track. Its also one of my least favorite Britney albums, after Britney Jean. Odd... both of her self titled albums are the worst.
  4. I never cared for him. I didn't know who he was when they started playing Millennium on TRL back in day. I now know he's like a 'legend' but... I still don't care for him. No loss.
  5. Yes. But the main comment is : So proud of this big bro!! #JBoogy crushed it at his talent show tonight!
  6. Due to a lack of interest, I've never listened to a full Beyonce album. Though the Stripped album might be better than any Beyonce album, Beyonce has a much better catalog of solo music; even without considering the music from Destiny's Child.
  7. This reminds me of how I planned to give Britney a lot of props if I were ever to become famous. Britney Spears saved me too. Its good to see fans who actually became famous give Britneys music the kudos it deserves. But Sam Smith looks between 40 to 45years old... He would have been a young adult when Britney came out.
  8. I love her on Elite. I read the subtitles because I don't understand Spanish... but she's a favorite.
  9. I do like the song Superficial for Heidi, but more in a this is so ridiculous its good; like Floptinas Vanity.
  10. I stopped listening when he said that early 2000s pop music was taken over by a more R&B sound, which wasn't true. Britneys original 'teen pop sound' of Baby one more time was really mid 90's pop/R&B sung but sung by a white girl. When Britneys 'pop sound' started to fade out, it did so due to pop/rock becoming more popular, not R&B.
  11. Thats not the outfit from the VMA 2000s. The top layer of the original outfit had a smaller strap between the breasts and stones around the neck line. That material looks a lot thicker as well. Plus, Britney wore an actual thong...not a once piece with the pants. That looks like a halloween costume.
  12. Everytime Britney performs in to Australia the media eats her a live for lipsyching and always talk about how disappointed fans were that she's lipsyching and how they walked out of her shows.. EVERYTIME. As a fan, its stressful having to deal with that and I'm not even an Australian fan. For Britney, I'm sure she'd rather not deal with it all... and its probably why she skips them every other tour.
  13. Better than the original .That guys voice was the worst part about the album version.
  14. Everything between Usher to Hanson was like
  15. You sound crazy. People do run on the treadmill for an hour without fasting. I've done it. Exercising with low weight bars (5lbs) is something people to do lose weight while not heavily increasing muscle mass. Britney previously said that its easy for to gain muscle ,because she was a gymnast ,so doing repetitive spot exercises help her to tone without bulking up her entire body. She does look manic by posting all these exercise videos.lol But this is her life...
  16. It looks they used another girls features and stuck them on Britneys face.lol
  17. women think with their hearts. men think with their brain. we get it Britney!
  18. she's such a basic b... sometimes I hope that she's trolling but...
  19. Britney doesn't how to pose and smile for pictures. Nothing new. Can't hate Sam for knowing not to raise his eyebrows, creating forehead wrinkles, while cameras are flashing. He also has a good default pose, which Britney doesn't. Britney has always been awkward on red carpet photos. She either looks too casual or too stiff. It was only harder to see during the early years because she didn't have the wrinkles that she has now.
  20. lol @ him calling Britney 'her' all the while claiming she 's a man.
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