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Le Parìs Drama - The criticism of French media

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1 minute ago, ydmc said:

No surprise, lipsyncing is a BIG NO NO in France.

We knew it.

They knew it.


since 2009 she's had 8 shows in France that were all nearly sold out, so I wouldn't be too mad

this. shes always had the press hound her, who cares. she looks like shes having a great time up there, her energy has been through the roof, the shows are pretty much sold out, thats successful to me. screw the critics.

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In my country, Italy, playback is not a fault, a lot of artist doing it (and a lot of artist sing live but they do better with playback :wontcry:), but the last time we have Britney in concert here is 2004 with Onix Hotel... It's been 14 years, and the Italian media are very good with her sometimes :divaney:

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25 minutes ago, Goku said:

"the fans enjoyed the show" 

delusional? :jj:

i  dunno the rest but I have a friend's friend (he's not really a Britney fans because at first he is kind of hesitate to go watch it) told me he went to the London show first night and said that Britney energy is pretty good.

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Le Monde is also dragging her to death. :gloria:

"Her voice - a high-pitched scream - was extremely unpleasant when it was heard during one of the few times she talked to the audience, the only times when one could be sure that she was live. For instance when she greeted "Paaariiis". This night, at least, she knew where she was touring, which has not always been the case."


(" Il est vrai que son timbre – un cri perçant – était ­extrêmement désagréable quand il a résonné lors de ses rares adresses au public, les seules fois où l’on avait la cer­titude d’entendre sa voix en direct. Notamment pour saluer « Paaariiis ! » Ce soir-là, elle savait au moins où elle chantait, cela n’a pas toujours été le cas.")

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