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  1. I'm kinda new in this forum, I'm here since mid 2018, but I read since 2016. I'm Italian (and sometimes my English prove it) so I'm not a Britney team member (like we say here, neanche per tutto l'oro del mondo), if you want to DM me about that It's ok.
  2. The thing about her talking with the crowd, I can't find now the link, but one time here I read someone talking about an interview with Larry, and he was saying that one time, in one of the first leg of the Pom, Britney was talking to the crowd about something like Climate Change I think, like solar power or stuff like that, and he said that he cut immediately the mic and start the song...but I'm not sure, I remember this.
  3. Hold it against me with work ***** and TTWE elements!! One time I see this mashup on YouTube, but I can't find it anymore 😣
  4. Calum Scott, Bebe Rexha (I love her) and Meghan Trainor. I'm still sad about the flop of React by the Pcd...
  5. Since i can't do another topic, i write this in there. I'm on instagram 2 minutes ago, and i saw the post of Sam for the Brit Birthday, then i notice he post an ig stories. Basically he put the bday post in the story, and he write this "Difference between me and you? i post it you don't! Don't just post the highlights"...i'm not english, i don't have a good language level, so maybe i don't understand it very well, but i think this is a dissing to the people who maybe manage the Britney's IG. What you think?
  6. In Spotify Denmark My Only wish is in 7th position, so far so good!!
  7. She's living kind a normal life finally, good for her, I'm happy and I can hear that she's too.
  8. Well, happy birthday, happy new year and all! I love this song, in Europe it can be a Bop! Mark and Britney are amazing in this song, Pitbull is not so good but is only a little part for him so... It's really amazing hear a new song!
  9. I like so much Pom show, but in Vegas! The tour was a mess, a cheap show, in Asia was not so Bad but the Europe Gig is horrible. I don't understand why they do so bad with the tour! JLo with it's my party basically was taking the residency show in USA and overseas, but they did an awesome work, even with same songs (only 2 new, Medicine and Limitless and even with basic props).
  10. Ok, my data are without the General standing on the first date, so we're saying the same thing basically! I think is a good amount of tickets at the moment, with 1 months and a half they can definitely have a sold out leg maybe.
  11. Oh lord, lies? Why? Who pay me to lie about a show that I not give a **** because they don't pay me? Why I have to tell you lie about this thing? I'm saying what I see in the January days. I remember it because I calculate the amount of tickets of all the sections of the theater (I can't do it for the General standing) and I remember a 35/40% of the theater empty for the first date, not for all the residency! I'm sure I post it on the exhale but I search the post and I can't find it... Of course, from January to the day of the first date she have 40 days to sold out.
  12. Yesterday, I read a caption in Instagram that say the show is planned to start in the month of July, 2020. It's possible, because Gwen Stefani end her residency in May 2020 (compare to xperience, it sells good) so they have an empty space for the rest of the year, because they have only Def Leppard and xtina: at same time, Park theater have Lady Gaga, Aerosmith and probably Janet if she add more dates. Britney can be a good amount of money for the casino. But maybe is a good idea even for the colosseum, because in 2020 they have only some dates of Mariah (February) and the Sting gig... I don't know, but I think that Britney is perfect for the colosseum. It's good for her, she say that she want an intimate moment with fans and public, and the colosseum is perfect!! They renewed it this year, with a new screen, new light, live Nation control it and they add a new general standing section. If they want a good ticket revenue, I expect a new single at least. Domination have a lot of unsold ticket! I remember, for the first show, they have something like 40% of unsold tickets in January, the day before they scrap it. If they choose Caesars, they can go to the colosseum, one of the smallest theater in Vegas for big residency show, or maybe another time at Zappos, and those 2 have less capacity confront of the Park, unless in the zappos they open the upper balcony: with it, the capacity is more than 6500 of people, but I think they keep only the standard seats like for Pom.
  13. I read they do a Deal with Caesars for a new show (1 year) starting in Summer/Fall of 2020. Is in a Instagram fan page (popqueenbritneycom) in their stories. Maybe it's true? But why Caesars and not MgM?
  14. I hope is not true... Please, don't do this to her Sam... He's a good guy for me, I don't think it's true, I hope is not.
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