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Theory: Is there a book coming?


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Theory only, I have no insider sources... but what if the “secret project” is a tell all/retrospective book BY Britney? Next year marks the 20th anniversary of her career... the Instagram photo of the secret project LOOKED like a photo shoot on a notorious lot used for photo shoots and editorials (for the cover?), she teased the book in For the Record, we’ve read rumours that the conservatorship may be nearing its end, and now that she’s changed the landscape of the Vegas marketplace (which - don’t hate my for saying this - may be the last major mark she leaves on the entertainment industry) ... the timing feels right... and I believe we know she hasn’t started recording B10, and if she’s going on a Euro tour (or world tour) - what better way to gain publicity (and make sales)?

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well, first of all, I said this a million times on here. Shes NOT gunna celebrate 20 years next year!!! She celebrated 10 years in 2009 so she must regard 20 years as 2019 [20 years after her debut album]

Second, a book would be great to look back at her career and what she thinks about everything shes achieved..........and done in her career. Don't expect a personal, tell-all book. She's still under c-ship of her dad so he would probably proof read it and heavily edit it. I know this sounds horrible but if we are going to ever get a real, tell all, no holds bars book, its going to be when her dad is dead. And also she would probably have to be careful about what she says about her relationship she had with Kevin because of the boys.. 

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2 hours ago, ss0725 said:

she teased the book in For the Record

Yes, a quick quote she said in passing nine years ago -- which included the word "maybe", as in "maybe I'll write a good, mysterious book someday" -- in response to not wanting to delve into anymore of her personal life and details was her teasing it. Y'all...... :notatall:

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