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  1. Hear me out on this one… something about the song has always stuck out to me as intriguing and slightly off. I truly believe this song is about finding freedom in death… “We can meet in our minds IF OUR DAYS GOT US OUT OF TIME” “Dive in head first all the way down in gravity’s arms WE’LL DROWN” “HOLD YOUR BREATH TILL WERE IN TOO DEEP” (dying) “THE SUNS OUT OF HEAT” (there is no life on earth without the sun) “We’ll dive in head first all the way down in gravity’s arms” The whole thing makes me think of a Romeo & Juliet joint tragedy sort of story… sweet but very dark… two people only finding freedom in the afterlife/outside of this physical world.
  2. Wasn’t this the same woman who was a Britney body double/decoy (to mislead the paparazzi) around the Circus era time?
  3. Honestly thought I was the only one who weirdly associates songs and albums with time of year and day LOL ...Baby One More Time - Christmas time / evening (first time I saw the video was Christmas at a relatives) In the Zone - Fall/September, evening Blackout - Fall/Halloween, evening Circus - Christmas (the time when the album was playing EVERYWHERE and was trying to get tickets to the tour) Femme Fatale - Summer, evening Glory - Summer, afternoon
  4. I’ve found a lot of my friends (who like Britney but aren’t stans) talking about MR and how she’s been doing good on the charts again (I think because a lot of IG Memes etc). Honestly it’s just a great song! And she/we did it with no promo. Let’s be honest though I think quarantine has halted proper sales and this isn’t representative of what would happen in “normal times” (ie. Mariah Carey topping the charts... Glory charting...)
  5. I can’t be the only one looking for Britney dance tutorials (for beginners) online... anyone found any good ones that they wanna share with fellow bored fans?? Original choreos/no Tik Tok
  6. It was painful seeing the way they structured this performance, like she was opening for G-Eazy and just his video ho. But yeah she looked the best she had since Circus.
  7. Oof. Where did I say the kid needed to be crying to be taken seriously? I’m specifically talking about his motive, and how that must feel for Britney as a mother (Britney is after all the only reason we’re on this board isn’t it?) - it doesn’t sound like you (or a lot of people) give a **** about her - you’d rather get “dirt” from a minor and defend him because he’s saying what you want to hear. So many of you preach about how you care about Britney and want her freed, yet you froth at the mouth the second anything remotely “sensational” comes out, even when it is NOT for Britney’s greater good.
  8. This is a mess on so many levels. Add one more family member to the list of people who are putting more stress on Brit for their own personal gain - basically I’ll exploit my mom for 5000 followers. Must be heartbreaking for her. Honestly stop praising this little ****, he’s not doing anyone any favours, and clearly if his incentive is to get followers, he will lie or exaggerate to get what he wants. Dear lord...
  9. No disrespect intended to anyone who's religious, but very religious people (which I think the Spears family is?) can have a tendency to be "blinded by" people who share their faith. They look past others' ill intentions/shortcomings and trust them because they have something in common/share their faith in common). This explains why there are SO many cases of priests, religious leaders, cult leaders, etc. taking advantage of people's naivety, kindness and weakness for power or financial gain. That's the only explanation I can think of here... she's earned the nickname Loucifer.
  10. Where are the two women who started this whole thing? Have they gone radio silent or given up?
  11. As insane as it sounds, I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re worried about people trying to collect her DNA from her hair which is why they take them back. Which then begs the question... why even throw it?!
  12. Does anyone else think this looks like they re used the 2007 VMA outfit and put some diamonds on the bra? Also this tour was bizarre... I loved it but they made a stage so huge so Britney didn’t have to do much more than walk back and forth or get pushed around on things or step on top of things etc (a smart way to hide her lukewarm dancing) but it made for a kind of boring show (I loved the spectacle around it all though).
  13. Am I the only one who cringes at the Gimme More choreo? The weird part where she holds her dead arm out, then wipes her hands together? Ahhh those choreographers....
  14. This must be units. But maybe not because Make Me is charting so high...
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