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I wonder what made her lose her passion for dancing.


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She used to say she needed to dance to feel alive, but she hasn't said anything like this in a long time. I wonder what changed that and if she will ever get that passion back again. It seems like it has been replaced by working out now. 

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It's all in her timing tbh.. she very very rarely hits her moves at the right moment.

Even if you watch her old Circus promo performances, her timing is there and it makes the entire performance so much more powerful and not seem like.. a little off.

Doesn't help that she lip-syncs as well so the whole thing just seems not very present.

It's like she has lost a lot of her rhythm. 

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1 hour ago, BOBIBCFBG said:

she still dances its just not very hard and the routines are usually bad. so i dont think she lost her passion for it, she just doesnt want to do amazing routines for some reason. i dont know if its lazy (putting in the least amount of effort) or ability.

The routines are not bad... They tailored it for her and watered it down for her. Let's not delude ourselves. Her back up dancers still killing it.

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I don't know about her passions, but at least what translates into her performances, I think it has a lot to do with the way her body changed during the FF era. She wasn't overweight or something, but still she moved as if she weighted a thousand pounds. That must've been the result of many things we might never know, medication, any kind of ailment, whatever the reason it was, might have led her to a lack of motivation to keep training, or rehearsing. You know, it's very easy to fall in the snowball effect especially with the negative things.

If you're a performer and whatever thing your taking for other health issues is making you lose your body coordination, and you feel tired and sedated, and suddenly dancing doesn't seem that fun anymore, you just start losing interest, and you just keep going down, and each time it gets harder to say, "ok, stop, it's time for me to start rehearsing more and get better" you just let yourself fall deeper and deeper into the FemmeFatalness abyss. During 2012 I doubt she danced even once. By 2013 she got in better shape, but the physical condition wasn't the same as in her prime. I did see an improvement from FF in POM, but the choreos weren't good, didn't fit her style, and weren't demanding enough to bring the best out of her. She's getting fitter and fitter each year since the residency started, we might even say she got her body back, but the moves are still as bad as in the beginning of the residency, and Charm Ladonna's aren't any better.

She needs choreos that incorporate moves that come naturally for her body, making her move her hips and torso, not rapid, robotic arm movements. She needs choreos that aren't that elaborated so she doesn't feel as pressured to remember every single step. Again, if the choreos were good enough for her, she shouldn't have to care about remembering all the steps because they would just come up naturally. That plus many other different reasons, is what makes her look so tense I believe, that nervousness she shows with her rapid knee-flexing/mid-crouching, head tilting and the hair touching ya'll hate.

If I could give her an advice I would tell her to bring the songs she's performing to the dance studio, stand in front of the mirror, play them and just let her body move by itself, with no choreographers nor dancers, just herself in the mirror. She needs to reconnect with HER music and perhaps that could help her to loosen up during the shows. But that could take some time. The other faster, not so recommended option is that she would have to take whatever she used to take before her performances during the OHT :notreally:

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Years go by and she is slowly changing like all humans do. As we get older we don't have the same stamina but i must confess that right now Britney is at a good level plus with new choreo she could slay all your faves! :urite:

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Probably she likes dance classes etc now, not to perform on stage, in front of thousand of people
Remember when she teached little girls, she seemed to enjoy it a lot :tbh:
Maybe she still needs dance to be alive but more private way, like it's her intimate moment

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Between 1998-2004 (her peak) she used to dance like a professional dancer. She was sometimes dancing ever better than her back-up dancers. I remember an interview after the In The Zone era where she said that she doesn't want to do crazy routines like MATM anymore.  The level she achieved at the start of her carrer was very high, and she really worked A LOT. And she broke her knee several times, so I think that's also obviously a reason.

Nowadays, I think she really enjoys dancing, but she's just lazier, and she doesn't want to dance and work like she used to. She likes easy choreographies, where she doesn't have to go too hard. 

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16 hours ago, Britneyisfire said:

She used to say she needed to dance to feel alive, but she hasn't said anything like this in a long time. I wonder what changed that and if she will ever get that passion back again. It seems like it has been replaced by working out now. 

Well... she basically stopped dancing because of her 2 pregnancies, but she probably recovered 80% of her old abilities by the end of 2008. She was still pretty young and energetic and she probably trained a lot to recover what she lost. She probably decided not to dance so much during the circus tour to avoid stressing herself (or her knee) so much every night, but her dancing skills were clearly still pretty good (even if not up to par with her early '00 level).

The real disaster was 2010 because she totally stopped dancing for a whole year after the circus tour, according to Brian Friedman himself. When the fans criticized the hell out of her hiam music video (atrocious) dancing, he said in an interview "it wasn't easy for her, she freaked out when she saw the choreography because she hasn't been in a dance studio for a whole year". That was a major blow to her dancing skills, because in 2011 she started rehearsing really easy stuff, so her dancing level couldn't get any better.

The second disaster  was 2012. She stopped dancing again for more than a year after the end of the Lazy Mother Tour, and that probably affected her level again.

Luckily she started training a lot in 2013, and you can clearly see it during the first pom shows (I'm not saying that her dancing was great, but she clearly put in some efforts).

After 2014 she started getting better, slowly but clearly. Her current dancing skills are quite good, probably up to par with her 2008/2009 self. It's crystal clear in the way she moves her body (she got really fluid) and during some rehearsal vids / pom moments that she got REALLY better at dancing.

Here comes the main actual problem: her passion. She loves body training, but she doesn't really give a **** about choreography. She can move her body, but she keeps forgetting, scrapping and cutting choreography because she probably doesn't give a **** about rehearsing. As somebody said, it's like she switched dancing with gymnastic and it's honestly pretty sad. You can tell she spends hours and hours training her body with energy and passion, but when it comes to rehearsing choreography she chooses to do the bare minimum. It's hard to admit, but she's not lazy at all as we all think. She works a lot, but she probably lost her passion for dancing and she just likes to train her body. She could easily do better things on stage, but she chooses not to. The tragic piece of me show is 99% her fault because she can do it, and she loves to show it on Instagram, but she doesn't want to because she prefers doing gymnastic over dance rehearsals.
It's her choice and her fault. If she wants to keep performing I hope she steps up her game, because the current situation is absolutely tragic and irritating.

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she's just become unpassionate for her career and she even said it herself in 'for the record'. the only reason she's still going is for the money and lets be serious if you don't see that then you must be blind. she just goes through the motions at vegas raking in the cash before she retires. 


There’s no excitement, there’s no passion.


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I don't think it has anything to do with her stopping to dance for a few months or whatever. Skilled dancers might get rusty and need to get those tweaks out after not dancing for awhile but they don't lose their rhythm, their coordination, etc. like Britney dances like she has no rhythm now and can't even move fluidly. That's not the typical oh I didn't dance for six months. You really don't just lose rhythm. It's something you either have or don't. 

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