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  1. People who have met or seen her in person have said she seems off for years. Whether she writes her own captions or not, I think something is off there and I hope she has some peace and happiness soon. We’ll never know for sure, but if it is her posting, everyone wanting new music right now should feel horrible. She clearly needs this self-care time.
  2. I think Britney not speaking out hurts the movement. The me too movement gained steam because more and more women came out and spoke on it. The only person who can speak on britney’s unique situation is her. You can’t have fans saying she’s being mistreated and overprotected while she’s on Instagram twirling in dresses. On one hand it makes it seem like her situation isn’t that bad since she seems happy atm and on the other hand, if people look at how she acts and just think she’s weird, they rationalize why she needs to be in it. And honestly the one time we did hear her kinda mention it, she basically said don’t listen to rumors and she’s fine and wants us to leave her alone lol, soo idk. Maybe she legally can’t, but I don’t know why her siblings or mom or cousins or Louisiana friends or no one else would speak out. It’s all so confusing. I hope she gets to live the life she truly wants soon. ps. I listen to Perez’s podcast and him and his cohost said something about them knowing what’s up with her because they know people in her circle but they bleeped out whatever they were saying, I guess for legal reasons. I don’t really care for Perez but his cohost has worked in entertainment and radio for like 20 years so I’m inclined to believe him...maybe something really is going on with her??
  3. I doubt she was thinking that deeply about it at 16. Unfortunately, *** ed isn’t always the best, especially for teen girls so she had *** and got pregnant. I don’t think it’s anything more than that.
  4. This! All these responses “she’d never talk about Justin like this.” All she did was say they had a breakup. Basically beating people to the punch of writing it all in her comments. That seems like she is self-aware, but people are turning it into all these conspiracies. It’s so strange. Like, imagine how she feels if this is really her posting?? Her fans think her genuine personality is someone else’s. That would make me so sad.
  5. Why is her mentioning JT seen as weird? She’s been spotted with his CDs before, she’s said she wants to collab with him, she’s said she likes some of his songs, and she referenced a vacation they had as a best night ever in an interview a few years ago. I don’t think it’s weird to jam out to his songs. She clearly still has fond memories of him and knows his music. And it would have been weird had she posted this with the song and not acknowledged that the dude was the other half of their super scrutinized relationship lol
  6. Ugh It’s so sad, but also the biggest cautionary tale ever about decisions we make. Britney thought she had it all figured out at 23, proposed to, got married to, and tried to build a life with some guy who didn’t give two effs about being a family man at that time. That, the pressures of the media, having two young kids, making mistakes any new mom would make, etc all leading to a breakdown, and basically...leading to where her life is now as an almost 40 year old woman with barely any visitation with her own kids and being monitored like a child. It’s sad. But I wonder if she wishes one of her childhood friends had just had a long talk with her and forced her to go home for a break for a few years in 2002/2003. And if she did, what her life would look like.
  7. Her memory doesn’t seem to be the best so maybe she forgot she said she’d do them??
  8. I mean, obviously we’re all going to die. But that doesn’t mean we all want to go out and contract every virus and illness just because death is inevitable. And why speed up the process if you don’t have to? Like, you’re cool with the elderly in your family dying today just because they are going to die eventually? “Screw you grandma, you were gonna die in 2025 anyway!” Lmao wtf. I can’t believe people are actually defending what she said.
  9. She should turn her comments off. It’s probably not doing any good if she is the one posting and reading what people are saying. To me, some of her posts come off strange, but it is her feed. And I do believe most fans are genuinely concerned or want to make sure she’s not being mistreated, but people are probably just making her feel worse about herself by asking if she needs help under every single post. The “never having worn a white swimsuit“ part is interesting because she’s worn white bathing suits before and even so, it’s not like she hasn’t had the means to ever buy one. I don’t get why that would be a big deal for a literal millionaire? But that’s what makes Britney, Britney and we gotta love her!
  10. Her saying this is so strange because the original video of her talking about a collab came from a livestream or twitter q&a or something she did where she brings him up willingly. No friend mentioned it lol. She was being asked questions and that was her answer (along with Aerosmith and someone else) Does she just say things she doesn’t know she’s saying?
  11. You don’t just stop being on beat or having coordination because you are bored or lazy. The moves might not be as energetic, but you’ll still execute. And being bored doesn’t make you stiff and unable to bend your body. Even when she had lackluster performances in her prime from repetition or being overworked or whatever, the moves were still there. I don’t think we’ll ever know what happened there, but the idea that she’s just being lazy doesn’t add up.
  12. Yeah, idk what it is. Especially now more than ever, her IG videos either seem forced or she comes off as really lonely, which makes me sad for her. Like, that video with her picking up and holding her dog in different spots in a very stoic manner and glancing at the camera...Or the posts where she’s apologizing for having gained two pounds or apologizes for not wearing makeup (when she clearly is??). But then again, she lives such a different life than we do and maybe having been famous for so long, the things that seem weird to us are just how it is after being in that circus of Hollywood. Idk.
  13. I think it’s because Britney herself has not mentioned anything and the only words about the movement she’s said were basically that she’s fine and fans are overreacting and not to believe everything in the news. Celebs like Taylor call on their fans and others in the industry to speak out on their behalf. If Britney can’t or won’t, I doubt the movement will get any bigger tbh. Someone in Hollywood would have to do a documentary or expose’ or something to get people talking for weeks/months like a Leaving Neverland or Surviving R Kelly type of thing and maybe that would make a difference?
  14. Her hair keeps changing shades so who knows when these were taken. I doubt recently. I just hope she’s well. I’d also love for her to find a style that best flatters her. The really tight dresses and teeny tiny shorts don’t do anything for her imo.
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