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Invitation and Just Like Me are underrated

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Makes me sad, only thing I don’t like is the 50-shades vibe I get from Invitation and that JLikeMe doesn’t have more words.

And Then We Kiss is also similar, good song but underrated :( 










Sing it live with a piano last date of vegas Brinny

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Guest Diamond Horse

Yes, Invitation is defo not, but Just Like Me is!!! Just Like Me seems to be one of the most personal tracks on the album and yet it is not payed enough attention to. I really wish that Britney wouldn't ever think that Just Like Me wasn't good enough and therefore not making personalney to resurface 

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3 hours ago, prettylittleliar_2214 said:

Invitation seems loved but Just Like Me usually gets ignored. 


Just Like Me was one of my first favs off the album. it reminds me of her unreleased (like Dramatic for some reason). For some reason, I always skip it now. I still really, really like it, but I just feel indifferent to it and don't really feel motivated to listen to it

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