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  1. Not in the club but i was walking home from a bar a few months ago and we have like a 24 hour gym who plays music outside to and they played What you need... did not expect that at all
  2. Im seeing both Britney and Eminem this summer soooo and its lunch time so...
  3. Its so sad.. Linkin park was one of my absolute favorite bands back in the day, Chester was one gorgeous man and his voice, ugh im heartbroken
  4. From that list? P!nk, Gwen Stefani or JLO... but a dream for me personally would be Eminem or Marilyn Manson
  5. YES! she was everywhere... tv, magazines, tshirts, posters, shoes, backpacks, dolls etc.... i remember when my grandmother bought me my first britney doll.. the sometimes one. It was a HUGE shelf with just Britney dolls in different outfits and i couldnt decide but finally took the Sometimes white pants and crop top. Where ever you went or watched she showed up and its hard to even understand how big she was. Like the Spice girls... i saved all my money just to buy the Oops cd and that album was everything when i had my teenage crushes and stuff like that lol... i was 13 when that came out and i BEGGED my mom to go to the Oops tour but I never got to see her live, we didnt have alot of money so my fist time seeing her was TCSBS... but i was slayed tho
  6. Strangest love, State of grace, Hooked on(sugarfall), Tell me am i a sinner, Everyday, Let go, Welcome to me and 911 are the best ones imo... but all of her unreleased stuff is good, but Rebellion is not he best.
  7. IA, haha... The VMA one its the one that are the best out of them... but some of them are just like wtf is this ****?
  8. My question is why they havent succeed with making any of them look like her tho... i mean many of the wax figures of celebrities are sooo good but NONE of hers is
  9. Ive seen Chaotic many times and she is NOT like this... this movie is horrible.. period. She seems like a dumb blonde that is obssesed with love, she looks possesed in some shots and how much idgaf attitude Brit had and how much she wanted love she never acted like that over the top stupid. So if you think they potraid her like she is... then i dont knoow what you been smoking.. sorry.
  10. Are you kidding? shes way more intelligent then it looks like in this movie... she looks obbsessed half the time and dumb the next. Britney is NOT like that, shes shy, goofy and funny... but she is not dumb.
  11. Okay so....im finally watching, its been 10 min and im DYING. This is so embarrassing, for real and they make her look like some dumb blonde, whats up with that? And The guy who plays Justin, like I knew this was gonna be bad but damn... they shouldnt have done this in first place
  12. I havent watch it yet but im dl it... i know its gonna be a HUGE mess and its gonna look like **** like i said before, im gonna cringe and regret watching it but oh well. Britney and her legacy/life deserve a GREAT movie, with high budget...BUT even if the budget is low, you can make it look a 10000 times better One thing tho... the actress DONT deserve the hate, she is doing a job. Be an *** to the producers and such instead, if you feel the need to. And for them to say that Britney would "love it" if she saw it
  13. How can you let a girl that never danced in her life to play Britney? For real... and she said she had to learn in a week, like I seriously dont even know if im gonna watch this anymore, i know im gonna look like this if i do tho
  14. Tbh... we know nothing, either she just want attention, likes him and are jealous AF OR Britney and Sam just having fun... nobody said they are exclusive tho. BUT... if this guy is a player.. then its to bad. We just dont know ****.. so dont judge
  15. Yeah, ill guess so Oh really? Lucky you always wanted to go to the states and Atlanta is actually one of those places i would like to see. I live in Sweden so its a bit far away, I mean i LOVE this country and we have it pretty good but i really wish i could save up and go on sort of a road trip through the USA.
  16. Do it, i wish they were on a album, cant believe some of them never made the cut. Circus was my first time seeing her and i CRIED lol... i wanted to go to Oops, DWAD and Onyx tour but my parents and myself never had the money for it at the time Yeah my dream is to go to vegas to... but i dont have a job at the moment so its not so easy... Where do you live?
  17. I LOVE Strangest love... and Everyday, 911, Welcome to me, Sugarfall/Hooked on you, State of grace, Tell me(am i a sinner), Let go, Luv the hurt away, Mad love... god there are so many... look them up if you havent yet. Thats good that she likes her at least... its so frustrating sometimes when something happens and you wanna tell somebody and no one really cares, lol. And yeah i know, i only have the Cricus and FF tour booklet bc i went to those concerts and want to buy the rest on ebay but they are as you said VERY expensive And i agree... i was OBSESSED with The Spice Girls back in the day but never cared for them like i do with Brit and im like you with the cry when she cries and her laugh is so adorable, you cant help but smile or laugh yourself. I can say that The Backstreet boys is the closest to me caring for them as a person but not on that level as i do with her and it strange really, that you can care so much about someone that you dont even know or dont know you even exist
  18. Oh so you still have some great ones left.. thats awesome And im glad there actually is straight guys that love her, i wish i could find a BF or GF that share my love for her but i dont even have friends that like her so i cant share anything exept on here...if i do they just laugh and like ok or i usually get the "your obsessed" bc i collect merchandise etc and are just a passionate fan of hers and truly LOVE her as a person as well... so never care about what anyone say
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