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  1. I wonder if she was this concerned about mental health back when she decided to go on vacation while her sister was locked up in a facility against her will?
  2. OMG THIS is definitely the BEST out of the 3 versions of this performance that I’ve seen! She looks much more confident and in control. Her hair is sooooo much better here, and I think the outfit is more flattering on her body, as well. What the hell happened with her hair during the live show? It should’ve just stayed like this. Is it her best performance? No. But I don’t think it was ever intended to be this huge, spectacular, choreo-heavy performance. This is what it was always going to be, although she certainly could’ve put just a tad more energy into her moves. I think the main issues with the live performance were her hair, bad outfit, and she was a lot more sloppy and slow with her moves and stage presence. I’ve read that a lot of **** went down backstage before the live show, so I’m sure that was the cause of all the problems, but the media tried to make it seem like she was drunk, high on drugs, or mentally ill at the time and this video proves that she was just fine. Like she said in “For The Record”, it was literally just a bad performance. Nothing more, nothing less. It was the media that spun into a much bigger deal.
  3. DISCLAIMER: This is in no way meant to criticize Britney. Now that a great deal of information has come to light regarding Britney’s conservatorship and most, if not all, of our fan “conspiracy” theories were proven to be correct, I would like to focus on a theory that I have had since at least 2018. Britney has spoken about how she was forced to take medication that she didn’t want to take, and she has also touched on the fact that she takes other kinds of medication, as well. At this point, ANYTHING is possible with how far Jamie is willing to go to control Britney, so my theory is certainly plausible. I think Britney was forced to take stimulant medication in 2018, and possibly even before that. I think we all noticed Britney’s somewhat bizarre behavior during her 2018 tour (that she was forced to do). We all commented on her strange, erratic hand movements and how she always seemed to be really antsy on stage. It was almost as if she was extremely hyped up on caffeine. Take a look at any YouTube video from these performances and notice the comments - A LOT of other people have noticed this too. Specifically, watch this video and notice Britney’s behavior and movements. See what I mean? Next, notice this tweet from Cher. She seems to allude to how a lot of other performers in Las Vegas heard rumors about how Britney’s dad/team was drugging her and forcing her to perform. It wouldn’t be a stretch to assume that she was being forced-fed amphetamines in order to get through the shows. I’ve seen many commenters stating that it looks like she’s “tweaking out”, which is a common sign of amphetamine use or abuse. I’m not saying that Britney was purposefully abusing amphetamines, but I think that her handlers and Jamie were forcing her to take them at levels that were harmful. My point in writing this is that I think Britney’s abuse in this conservatorship goes far deeper than any of us could possibly imagine or comprehend. She has been enslaved for the last 13 years while the world watched and she was legally tortured while we all bought tickets to her shows and listened to her music. Britney herself recently said that she’s just beginning to talk about what really happened to her, and I don’t think any of us are ready for it. #FreeBritney
  4. This just confirmed that the conservatorship is NOT “voluntary”. Remember when Vivian Thoreen said Britney was cool with the conservatorship? Yea… that was a LIE! Britney has been abused and oppressed for YEARS, and we all knew it! It happened in front of our eyes! It’s time for the conservatorship to END! I hope that this leads to major changes in the corrupt guardianship and conservatorship systems in this country so that this never happens again. I can’t believe this has been allowed to go on for so long! Everyone involved in keeping this conservatorship going should be in JAIL… including the judges!
  5. The dam is finally breaking, girls! The floodgates are about to open! It’s all coming out now! I’m hoping and praying for a pathway to open tomorrow for Britney to FINALLY be free. Buckle up! This is it!
  6. If this is true then I highly doubt that she's the one who's paying for it, because it would be an expense that Jamie would have to approve. I sincerely hope that she's doing everything she can to be prepared and that she's getting ready to burn them alive with her scorching hot tea.
  7. But I thought she didn’t have the “capacity” to make any decisions for herself, so how can she voluntarily decide to be in a conservatorship? That’s not how this works at all. 🧐
  8. Since it has now been proven that Britney doesn’t qualify for a conservatorship and no medical declaration ever happened, couldn’t the conservatorship just be dissolved by the state? It’s technically illegal (we all already knew that), and now there is solid proof. Under what grounds is she even under the conservatorship at this point?
  9. I sincerely hope that Britney will ask to choose her own lawyers and maybe even bring Streisand back. Ingham is totally useless, and he’s not doing anything to help Britney. Nothing ever happens at these court hearings. They literally just show up and then immediately continue the hearing until another date and then do the exact same thing when that date comes... it’s a never ending story. Britney needs a tough bulldog lawyer who can actually fight for her! Or maybe she will just petition for her freedom...
  10. I guess I’m gonna have to be THAT person, but is anyone else seeing the really bad photoshop going on in this pic? The background has been erased, and there’s been some strange editing on her hair. I don’t really know if that’s cause for concern or not, but with everything going on, you never know. I’m sincerely hoping this is a legit pic of Britney and her son. If so, she looks so happy, and that makes me happy for her. I hope she gets to spend more time with her boys now.
  11. HOW CAN WE GET JUDGE PENNY FIRED???? Seriously!!! Does this woman hate Britney or something? Is Jamie slipping her the D on the side? Is he paying her under the table?? What the **** is going on!? She is a woman for Christ’s sake, helping a MAN control the life of another woman! We need to make a petition for Judge Penny’s resignation. This ***** gotta go!
  12. No wonder this keeps dragging on and on. EVERYONE is getting rich off of it! None of these people have Britney's best interest at heart - they all just want to make money off of her. She's literally PAYING for a woman to defend the very conservatorship that she wants to get out of! At this rate, she's going to be in her 90's and still fighting this in court, and the ghost of Jamie is going to be floating around making sure every court hearing is delayed.
  13. Exactly! Britney could totally post all this stuff herself. It’s literally just random photos and videos of her dancing and posing. Nothing complicated or marketing related. Team CON run her account.
  14. We need to be reporting on how both of Britney’s sons just unfollowed her account after the suspicious post! it’s getting real...
  15. The media has already picked this up and I’m seeing articles from major news networks saying “Britney says she is embarrassed of the documentary”. I don’t think Britney wrote this caption or at least ALL of the caption. Do you honestly think team CON would allow her the freedom to have complete control of her own Instagram? She never even responds to comments and the videos of her answering “fan” questions that no fan has ever asked.... it’s pretty obvious she has no idea what’s going on with her account. I think this post also raises a lot of interesting questions like - why was the “Super Bowl” video deleted; why would Britney be just now speaking out about the doc when it’s been out for nearly 2 months; reliable sources have said Britney loves the support she’s received from the doc; this post is super sus especially since the damning court documents have just been released; Sam has spoken positively about the doc and called her dad a “****”. I think the evidence is clear, either we are misunderstanding the caption and maybe Britney isn’t speaking negatively of the doc itself - just how difficult it is to watch, OR she didn’t write this caption at all.... a caption on a random dancing/twirling video.
  16. I think Britney knows how to sing, but she was forced to sing in an unnatural “baby voice” for years, so it was strained. I don’t think Britney ever HAD to really sing because she “sang” in a baby voice and her vocals were always altered and pitched, so lip syncing just became the easiest option. She started using it as a crutch and so she just stopped singing live altogether.
  17. WHY!!!??? WHY does Britney “need” a PERMANENT conservator??? WHY are Sam and Vivian working together now?? WHY do these hearings keep getting postponed??? I swear, Britney will be 95 years old and they’ll still be in that court room asking for the hearing to be postponed. It’s all a money game at this point. They are ALL making money off of Britney and no one there has Britney’s best interest at heart. She is their paycheck. When can we get an in-depth documentary focusing on the legal aspects of the conservatorship? “Framing Britney” was a great way to start the conversation, but now we need some deep involvement in the legal factors of why this situation has been allowed to go on so long and all the shady stuff going on behind the scenes. There’s something seriously going on, and I feel like it’s going to take a team of legal professionals, investigators, and activists (who aren’t being paid by Britney’s estate) to actually investigate this mess. This is so much bigger than just a fan movement or a hashtag at this point. We are witnessing a human rights violation on a massive scale! Surely someone big will speak out about this and do something! The California court system has failed Britney and it’s going to keep happening until someone finally does something about it!
  18. That could be the case. I don’t have a good feeling about Ingham. Maybe she just isn’t able to get anyone else or maybe she can’t. It’s honestly hard to tell. I feel like she needs a whole new team of lawyers. With the all these documentaries coming out and the free Britney movement going on, haven’t we found someone or a team of people who have experience dealing with conservatorship abuse? Isn’t there someone who can help her?
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