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  1. Dear Britney, “I think a hero is any person really intent on making this a better place for all people” - Maya Angelou Thank you for teaching all of us it’s okay to be who we are and to never be ashamed of it. Thank you for leading by example by always doing just that and never faltering from it. Thank you for being the kind, gentle, yet strong spirit the world continues to need. Thank you for still giving us positivity and inspiration every single day no matter what you’re going through. The utter psychological strength you must have to have been given everything you’ve ever wanted at 16 years old and go through everything have since then and still be able to remain humble and retain your charming modesty is indescribable. Thank you for giving us your art, your humor, and your compassion at all the times we’ve needed it the most. Thank you for bringing two boys into the world who will grow up to be decent men because of you. Just, thank you. Thank you for everything. I wish I could give to you what you have given to me. I hope you’re reminded every day how loved you are. You gave and continue to give the world what it never deserved. This planet is a better place because you’re on it, and I wouldn’t be who I am without you. You are truly the worlds greatest gift. I love you and no matter what I’ll never desert you. Amen.
  2. In what world does Britney ******* Spears have to explain herself to literally anyone? Please she’s a national treasure and one of the few things America has left to be proud of, anyways ✌️
  3. I just wanna hear all her stories. Britney calling herself a weird little kid and imagining baby Britney sitting in the driveway fascinated by rocks in my favorite thing ever bye
  4. the things Britney must know about so many people 😭 Notice how Britney keeps her mouth shut about them because she’s arguably one of most respectable human beings in the business, anyways
  5. I think Lily Rose would be cute, after her grandma and her favorite flower but I vaguely remember Britney mentioning the name Addison Shye for a girl a long time ago and I also think that’s really cute.
  6. I think all she ever wanted to be was Britney. They put her in this fictional perfect virginal box. I’ll support her in whatever she decides to do as long as she’s the one deciding but I feel like when she gets out of the cship or has restrictions lifted that she’s comfortable with she’ll return with a vengeance and be completely authentically herself and I’ll be here for it
  7. If she’s out of the conservatorship it’s go number 1 easily. If she’s still in the cship she’d have to really convince us that she truly supports it because if not we’ll be of the opinion that forced her to do it. I do believe she’s loving this time off and it’s well deserved this is literally the first real break she’s had in over 20 years, but I don’t think she’ll retire quite yet because I think she genuinely loves what she does but really needed time to miss it and get inspired again
  8. First of all I live for shady Britney second all we been knew she’s a bad driver, we all saw making the video for Oops “we’re all still alive right?” Lmfaoooo
  9. I think we can all agree it’s because Britney was standing up to her father and he had the control to cancel it and he did it to punish her.
  10. The SERVE 😍Britney has no business catching me off guard like that she **** s me up 😭❤️
  11. Yeah but we can’t rule out that Britney was pissed about the whole thing going against her will and knowing their story was lie and didn’t want any more attention on it and asked him to do that for her
  12. This was a little strange but he seemed to genuinely care about her and sees what we all see and not gonna lie dropping original doll as her last album in her contract then continuing as an independent artist is genius
  13. Oh yes when I saw that that’s when I knew #FreeBritney was about to pop off and it did 😭
  14. The way she drives off just as Rebellion starts. Our 9/11
  15. I smell an “everything is fine” video coming soon. Unless they already tried to make her do it and she just won’t because I honestly am surprised that hasn’t happened yet. Maybe this is all she agreed to since it meant she could go out and drive
  16. I went through this a couple days ago, I felt a very heavy darkness like a sense of impending doom almost, but I think it’s just a psychological thing that’s bound to happen at least for me going down the rabbit hole again very deeply and reliving 2007/08 again especially since I was only 16/17 when everything during those years was going down and I was literally afraid to check breatheheavy during those years so the best thing I think is to take a step back, not from supporting #FreeBritney just a step out the rabbit hole for a little bit ya know. I know you were mentioning feeling it watching the videos but for me, and many of you here it kind of made the most sense that we are brought emotionally back to the darkest years and maybe that’s why we had these feelings that transferred to her IG videos and stuff although I do agree there is a sadness in her eyes and I’m not at all saying I don’t think she’s sad and she’s lonely now because I completely believe she is. But she’s not weak, she’s not stupid, and I think she’s going to be her own hero as far as the conservatorship goes
  17. Well like she said in FTR “I just cope with it every day” I think that was her attitude it’s in her nature to make the best of any situation and after no success when she tried so hard to oppose it in the beginning but I think in Britney’s own words in court her dad forcing her into a wellness facility against her will, and saying she wants her life back then her father abusing her son I think after that she had absolutely had it the was last straw and now she’s pissed and got the will back to be like “you know what? This isn’t right at all and it’s time I did something about it” she’s definitely making and effort here by showing up in court once already seemingly wanting to be present at every hearing going forward
  18. We’ll just look like we’re insane last time it did not help her
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