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Rumor : Britney Has a Song With Sia and a Collab With Selena !!!!

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5 minutes ago, Andrew338 said:

Make me is a ballad, you can't dance to it, britney should certainly knew that.

And everytime wasn't first single, it was third. 

Gurl, Make me isn't a ballad. It's a mid-tempo song. You can slowly dance to it but Everytime is pure ballad. 

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1 hour ago, Spearsfan said:

It kills ppl that she is the most loved pop girl right now. I like Selena and revival is my jam but I don't like her new music but let's be real it would be the closest chance to a hit again and Britney would get younger audience attention.'

Sia is crap though and takes over whatever song she is in. 

I really hope she does something with Selena. She has so much kid fans and could get Britney the younger audience she needs. Fetish is a good song so hopefully it's something like that.

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20 minutes ago, BreatheOnMoi said:

Would it be really that bad to have a cute little hit with Selena tbh? I've been thinking about it.


If it doesn't go good, it'll just end Selena's career. Win win win win win 


:orangu:  I guess that's why iggys career ended. :flawlessbye:

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1 hour ago, BoyToySoldier said:

You never asked for a lead single :madonna:

and how is it tragic when it's not only a #1 in multiple countries, but a top 5, if not 10 in everything else? :shadelaugh: Not to mention, certified in multiple markets.

I asked you to campare it to club bangers also :whitney:

compare it to toxic and we shall see :tiffcackle:

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23 minutes ago, Andrew338 said:

I asked you to campare it to club bangers also :whitney:

compare it to toxic and we shall see :tiffcackle:

Why Toxic? That's her biggest song behind Baby, obviously anything will pale in comparison. :shadelaugh:

Let's compare it to her last big solo hit, I Wanna Go.


#1 - 5

Top 5 - 17


I Wanna Go:

#1 - 3

Top 5 - 10




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Guest Edge Of Clockin' You
4 hours ago, TeaWaiter said:

lol but half of Glory is inspired by Selma Lopez

It was inspired in Revival, but Revival was inspired in ITZ which all comes back to Britney:shameless:

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