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  1. I love Natalie her song "Want" is a pop perfection
  2. I love reading her, it feels like we're getting to know her more and more But I fuking hate when she gives shout-outs to celebrities who are full of themselves and don't bother to respond and also the ones who didn't care to support her.
  3. Rose McGowan & Courtney Love, these two have been very supportive and vocal about Britney.... they really gained my respect and appreciation
  4. Yep ! I have a list of some members who I really suspect Those motherf**ers have been discrediting Britney and questioning her behaviour and abilities lately.
  5. How about the one where you defended Lynn for drugging Britney...... Yeah ! Just STFU, and stop spitting your venom left and right. It's a fu€king Britney Spears fan website. All we do is support her especially NOW if you can't then GTFO here
  6. Entertainment Tonight and Billboard and many more, are reporting that Britney is under investigation for misdemeanor battery. Those mothereffers just reported TMZ story without checking or mentioning Rosengart statement about it. Team con is working hard to discredit Britney and make her look unstable to get the public opinion on their side. But they don't know that we are THE PUBLIC OPINION Now, go and spam the comments section of those posts and call out Jamie's evil plan. Don't forget to like all the positive comments so they can stay on top. And hopefully, team con will stop when they realize they have zero support and their made up stories have no credibility cause people have opened their eyes and know the truth about Britney's situation. https://www.facebook.com/Billboard/ https://www.facebook.com/EntertainmentTonight/
  7. No ! I don't need you to tell me about me being a class act I want explanation about your recent posts and quotes that defended some of the team con members and questioned and discredited Britney. a fan since 98 my ***
  8. BAN PLEASE i swear if Jordan doesn't ban this kind of users, Imma have the confirmation that he's on the team con side.
  9. One day the truth will come out, and I'll be cutting all the *****es who thought it's Britney posting. Posting ***** in the middle of a vicious court battle with the devil.... is this OK !!! Really ! Shout-out to Justin TimberFake (The guy is her Ex and he's married, we all know how their relationship ended ad how JT contributed in Britney's fall from grace..... how would the public opinion think about this behaviour ? Remember how Team con fooled the public opinion about Jamie's intentions to step down, and then it was all over the news that Britney was finally free, and they been doing the same thing with her Instagram...... Team Con is facing jail, they'd whatever it takes to save their ***. At this point, it's not about conspiracies, it's just COMMON SENS, use your head people
  10. It does just a lil bit ..... but that's a reach ! Tbh. He probably never heard "Take Off"
  11. What ! Lmao ! Did I lie though ? Those are FACTS .... I'm not pitting anybody. We've seen em all commenting and supporting cases less important than Britney's Free movement and acting like heroes and ****. Just right when Britney really needed their help, they remained silent and turned the other cheek... having these powerful celebs on Britney's side would scare the **** out of team con and put more pressure on the legal system to free her.
  12. YES THEY FU€KING DID... cause it made headlines and it's all over the news and media... and people are believing, I believed it at first but since I'm Britney stan i started digging into it then i found out that it was just a trick to make people believe that she's free. The second I knew TMZ was the first to report about this I knew something was fishy NOW HER LAWYER NEEDS TO MAKE A STATEMENT RIGHT NOW TO EXPLAIN AND CALL OUT THEIR SCHEME
  13. Did anyone ask you though ! No one fu€king cares about Demitria... she's an attention seeking irrelevant hypocrite flop. Why are you giving her attention !!!!!!! Britney doesn't need her, or Gaga, or Rihanna or or or . Most of celebrities are envious, hypocrite and selfish. BRITNEY has her FANS, end of PS : the only celebs that I really RESPECT and SALUTE are : Courtney Love, Cher, Xtina and Miley... the rest can go **** themselves.
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