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I just came back from 10 years into the future and I'm happy to confirm that Britney will do 4 more albums, have 3 more #1 singles AND "Crossroads 2: Cross Harder" is happening!! I got to take a picture of Britney and bring it back with me! I can confirm that this is a 100% REAL photo of a 45 year old Britney in the year 2027! The plastic surgery has gotten out of hand, y'all!




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You guys are a bunch of damn cry babies. It's a joke. You guys are always acting like you have sticks up your butts, always fighting with someone, got an attitude or looking to make drama out of something. We're all Britney fans, we've been through a lot together, lighten up a little bit. Damn!

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1 minute ago, BreatheOnMoi said:

The irony :weusay:


Y'all making it something it's not. I literally posted this in a Britney group on Facebook and everyone had a good laugh, I then come to ExHell and everyone loses their damn minds. I haven't posted in months for this reason- y'all some weirdos. :cutesybrit:

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Hun- I know I'm funny. I mean, I had dozens of Britney fans laughing at this on FaceBook. Everyone on this site is a ******* pu$$y. Always attacking someone for no reason when you see something you even slightly disagree with. I see you guys attacking people on here all the time. Even the poor people who don't speak the greatest english, you guys are literally making them feel like they don't belong. Nobody is aloud to say how they honestly feel on this site without you annoying, crabby babies crying all over the comments and down voting them. 

I don't get how a community like this could literally be so mad all the time. Even Gaga fans get along better than you guys do. It's embarrassing honestly.

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Just now, BreatheOnMoi said:

We're embarrassing for defending our fave? You know, the same way other fanbases defend their fave and they have people that make jokes like these banned from their fan forums?

oh ok I guess :soyeah:

The thing is, I see people in Gaga and Katy forums actually coming for their fav. There's "jokes" so much worse than this. I see Gaga fans all the time taking it for exactly what it is, a joke. A member of THEIR community had something to say, and instead of attacking them- they take it for what it's worth cause it's really not that serious. I'm on Gaga/Lana/Marina/Katy fan pages all the time. They post some crazy **** on there. 


If this photo for any reason got me "banned", then that just really proves, you all need help. I'm sure Jordan would look at this and get a chuckle out of it. You guys are on here 24/7 complaining about everything including her lip fillers. I literally just made light of the situation and you guys are losing your minds.


Itried saying this about a week ago when I saw you guys attacking someone else over some bullshit. It's stupid and childish that you guys really don't allow someone to say how they feel on this site and if it's even just the tinyest thing yall don't like, you bully everyone. GROW UP. 

4 minutes ago, BreatheOnMoi said:

Sis, no one is attacking you tho omg :drown::drown: 


"sis" I'm not just talking about myself. If you can read, you know I'm talking about every poor person on this site who gets bullied by you guys.

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