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Britney's BBMA 2016 was worth any Super Bowl

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No shade intended but nothing comes close to whats he did last year in the BBMA.

Or do you guys prefer what Katy did (I honestly didn't like... and I like Katy, but I thought it was too simple minded). Beyoncé's last year I also didn't like it. Thought it was messy af and I don't like the song.

But I'm really anxious for Gaga's Super Bowl. She is incredible and really hardworking, hopefuly she'll give something to remember and make the best Super Bowl halftime show... till Britney does her version and breaks them all.

What do you guys think? 

1. Do you think that what Britney did in the BBMA was enough to a Super Bowl? I certainly think so.

2. Do you like Katy's halftime show? And Beyonce's last year?

3. What are your hopes for this year?


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