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  1. So, I was at Santiago's Hard Rock Café and it had a golden bodysuit that said Britney wore. I am sure I have seen it, and I wanna say it was early in her career. Maybe singing Stronger, but I am not sure and I also have not found it in youtube. I uploaded the image in google drive, and will try to paste the url here. Hope it works: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SNLSYidZ2Pzh7PlSg8EHm8R3ezJTw8NX/view?usp=drivesdk
  3. New first single BOMT new version ME AGAINST THE MUSIC WITH MADONNA OIDIA/Slave mashup Womanizer/Circus mashup Scream&Shout with WILL.I.AMGimme More VMA 07 routine, with her 2018ney bodyWB /MM Mashup Toxic
  4. the snake wasnt looking at her and why is she carrying like that? put it on your neck!
  5. i really want to, but i'm afraid i'll have to depend on some good soul to record in 1080 and then upload it, in brazil we won't be having i guess (am i wrong?)
  6. the face she makes in TTWE, it's clear she would rather be anywhere else than there. lol. but i really do love i wanna go music video!
  7. I really liked all of your answers. Thank you so much! I also considered some of your opinions and I kind of agree with them alll... at once... there's no right or wrong in this situation, to be honest... It happened and we have to be grateful for what it brought (major hits!). Anyway, I still think her mental health should have been preserved, and for those (really few!) who think she was super healthy... I'm sorry to break to you, but you are wrong and delusional...
  8. By my standarts you are really being contradictory, so I don't get your point. But we could try to agree to disagree, honey. It doesn't hurt. You think I'm wrong and I think you are too wrong to be talking for real... so...
  9. I get how sucessful was that. That not my question. It doesn't matter how selling it did... I'm talking about Britney. The person I stan... for her I do think it was really hard and BAD...
  10. I know what you mean... I think I would also agree - but not in this particularly case, no... Definitely. Totally. It was what had most negative impact on her image. I know for a fact it did. Uhum, I know what you mean - even tho I don't really agree. If FF hadn't happen Britney would had time to lay off - simple as that. Of course records and the singer are not the same thing, what it is involved between them it's what matters: her time, her health, her being, her being a mom, etc. What I mean is: I think she was not ready to have another album so fastened. FF was really rushed after Circus - so, in that sense, I would rather she had time to lay off. Specially being the case where I do think she had a serious breakdown of sadness and depression at that time. And yes, it's my opinion - I don't know her - but being a stan since BOMT it was what I felt (and what many other stans felt...). I can get that! I would answer but you being rude simply turned me off.
  11. Yes. That's the point. And further on - the point is: she should have been mentaly healthy in the new era. But I could only imagine the hype if THE BRITNEY SPEARS had a break from 2009 till 2016 with Glory. I seriously think Glory would be EVERYWHERE. Vegas should have happened in this world I'm creating, just to ler people still know she exists. And also S&S - no harm done there.
  12. I'd make a poll if I knew how to (I tried, with no success - someone can explain me?). It's no secret to anyone that I am a truly sad person when it comes to Femme Fatale. So, my answer is - definitely - yes. It was a time where I stopped stanning because it was too difficult to see Britney; I could tell she was heavily medicated and I used to get really sad that people were shoving down her throat the fame thing. I didn't see (and still don't) she into the album or in the music videos... I can understand the love you guys have to some of the songs - but not even that I can relate to... I would really rather FF never happened... The only thing I think I adore about it is IWG Music Video. So, no shade intended, really - you guys know how much I love Britney and how genuine is my love towards her... And my worries are not that her image was demaged over that time or whatever, the question is about stans. For you... do you think she would be happier without FF at that time? Please, discuss - always politely please.
  13. exhale is horrible. and i just can't leave. it's awkward. but i loved your story. i'm a huge lana fan myself. but i don't get bored of her...
  14. welcome! i'm also a straight guy, so, hm... now we have 4 men. we can make an army against those bullshit people who doesn't accept our existence. love your story! and also from the guy who went to onyx
  15. god, it was so random i think it must have been a bet she lost. what do you guys think?
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