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Found 11 results

  1. lil nas x started a new tour called the long live montero tour 😌 ITS SO SIMILAR 2 DWAD 2 ME 1 - the tour starts with a speech like dream within a dream, leading into a dramatic intro 2 - dreamy imagery & a variety of sets 3 - nice outfits 😂 full show:
  2. A new era has begun in which rap is the main genre and a new wave of artists have emerged, mostly rappers. For the last 15 years we had #YoungMoney crew who opened doors and created a new lane for artists such as Doja Cat, Lil Nas X, Megan Thee Stallion, Jack Harlow and less visible artists that are building momentum Bia, Lattò, Doechii, Saucy Santana. Most of them are top players all over the streaming platforms, but top players doesn’t equal superstars. A superstar is someone like Nicki Minaj and Drake for obvious reasons (especially Nicki who is the only female rapper to have multiple solo TOURS; and also huge streaming numbers and plenty of accolades who haven’t been topped). My question is, who are the next superstars in rap? Lil Nas X is headed for his own tour, but when will Doja and Megan follow?
  3. Don't worry if you feel confused AF when you see this
  4. "What do you want me to do, bake a cake and play the piano... @Jordan Miller @Slayer
  5. Hello, I don't know if this is the right place, but... I would like to share my cover of MONTERO. It is a great song that I absolutely jam a lot with it. Yep very **** pic but... Enjoy!!
  6. Nike got a quick victory, the judge prevented MSCHF from shipping the Satan shoes, thus this could make a victory for Nike, and probably might make modifications illegal now, even though it never was, it's just nike proved that emails and social media comments actually had consequences through consumer backlash. That's why they're doing it, it had serious consequences to Nike that could ruined them. Despite being sold out, the customers will probably get refunded or not, Nike is also asking for all the money that was purchased for the shoes to go to them, if the court favors in Nike's side, I don't think anybody has legal case here to sue for a refund. As for lil nas X, he blames evil religion and conservatives for forcing nike to do this. He said F ur fictional jesus and religion. He is mad that his freedom of expression is violated as well as his freedom of speech.
  7. Now nike let MSCHF and Kanye do their Holy water shoes with a rebrand design and actual holy water from Israel. They allowed it cos it didn't cause harm to them The satan shoes actually could have serious financial crisis to them, which is why this lawyer explains stuff likes this modifications happen alot, for companies like Nike its murky water to determine which ones deserve the lawsuits as most get thrown out. However, he says this one is a legit cause of concern, they're suing MSCHF and not lil Nas X, they're suing MSCHF cos it could basically ruin the reputation and image of Nike forever if they seemed to allowed it to happen. Basically it's actually potential to cause serious harm, which is why this is a valid reason for a lawsuit for such modifications.. It's the fact that Nike could suffer serious public backlash over this. Sometimes businesses have to bow out of massive sponsorship deals with entertainment artists like how Pepsi cancelled their sponsorship contract with Madonna, over her controversial like a prayer video, it would have been fine but when taco bell and restaurants were actually saying once their contract is up, they won't renew, that's when they cancelled the deal, cos it would hurt them financially..
  8. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=3356218534437253&id=204318022960669&sfnsn=mo&extid=fKD1wBXAqh1vvlT9&d=n&vh=e Logo counted 9 iconic queer vma Moments Lady Gaga for her meat dress Lil Nas X for winning song of the year. . Elton John for performing with guns n' roses. Todrick hall for acceptance speech for you need to calm down. For Video with a message. Miley Cyrus for drag queens appearance on her performance of doooo it!!! But Madonna appeared the most.. For her groundbreaking Vogue performance at the 1990 VMAs, The Kiss that shook the vmas And the drag queen tribute to her at the 99 VMAs. Where Madonna proclaimed it takes a real man to wear my shoes.
  9. @JordanMiller's fave Lil Nas X just released his *****
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