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Found 14 results

  1. Hustlers movie is so good it keeps you staring at the screen with love both toward girls (regardless of sax) and toward money bling
  2. Rihanna appeared at number 21 on the Forbes annual self-made women list for the third consecutive year. Now worth $1.4 billion, Rihanna amassed her fortune from her music and entrepreneurial ventures. She wants to use her wealth to impact the lives of others. "My money is not for me; it's always the thought that I can help someone else." - Rihanna
  3. As inflation, shortages, interest rates, and war continue to drag down one of the most impressive stock market rallies in history (not to mention the crypto crash), folks are taking different strategies to manage risk. Are you buying the dip or cashing out for now? How do you manage trading during such a volatile time?
  4. Forbes implies a really important question. If Britney earned $672 million, but her net worth is estimated around $60 million, then where's all the money? A copy + paste quote from Forbes' new article: They cite MoneyNation.com, but Forbes doesn't take typically figures like this at face-value. I wouldn't be surprised if they did their own digging before publishing. Interestingly, it appears a company connected to Lou Taylor recently moved around $600 million. So, what gives? Related:
  5. JayTawndre

    Cash App

    So to throw this out here. I am a aspiring social media influencer. It's something I see myself wanting to do as a career. I watched that HBO Max doc Fake Famous and it really inspired me even more. But to gaining views and followers I don't know what to do. I've made most of my social media public now. anyways I'm in the middle of trials and tribulations. I moved to Las Vegas June 12 and already have to move back to California and my unemployment is ending Sept 4. Have to get back in the job field I'm so nervous. SO I'm looking for advice how to make money online and or get donations towards my moving fund and be able to get some good food this weekend. is there a cash app exhale 😂😂😂? PS: My Cash App $****iejames4 in case anyone wants to be a blessing and help a hungry fat gay guy 🙏🙏🙏
  6. Let's dig deep to get the evidence and court docs available to start showing the world how much $$$ have been taken from Britney - INSTEAD of people wasting time and energy simply hating on Team Con and sending death threats, let's do something productive and tell the world how many millions of $$$ have (allegedly) been taken from Britney because there are a FEW HUGE POINTS that REALLY piss me off about Team Con's claims: Can we find court docs/public reports and add up and tally these things? Maybe we can get more attention because WHY HAVE MORE PEOPLE NOT TALKED ABOUT HOW MUCH MONEY HAS DISAPPEARED From Britney's net worth? As if the $60 mill she has now is a lot (which ofcourse to most people is a lot, but it is nowhere NEAR what she SHOULD HAVE!!!) Remember - we can allege things and hypothesize but be careful about outright claims. They claim Britney had less than $3million when conservatorship began and Jamie is so great that now her worth is "up to" $60 mill. However, it was widely reported that Britney had amassed TENS of millions of dollars that were in trusts for Jayden and Sean at the time, plus the value of her home(s) assets, etc. Where did that money go and how much was in those trusts? There were court docs explaining that Team Con around 2018 moved to have some trusts changed so they could have control over them - do those docs mention $$ amounts and was that these trusts? I think one was SJB trust. Can anyone find how much she is estimated to earn from perfume deals? Basic math and accounting tells us Britney should have accumulated WAYY more than $60 million right now, even if she did only have less than 3 mill when cship started. Let's do some basic math: X Factor pay for 1 year was $15 mil. Initially Brit earned $310,000 PER SHOW in Vegas and performed 248 shows total. However, she was given a raise up to $475,000 show toward the last year or two (can anyone find the exact number of shows she was paid each amount?) If you figure, just estimating, that half the shows were at $310K and half were at $475K, that would amount to $97,340,000 total / 4 years = $24,335,000 PER YEAR ON AVG. for Vegas alone. PLUS EACH YEAR there is millions more income in perfume deals and merchandising, licensing and royalties, merch from tours, not to mention there was Femme Fatale Tour, Circus Tour, Piece of Me Tour (after Vegas), Candie's deal, lingerie deal, etc. I believe many years back, the Cship reported that in a year where Brit basically didn't work, like 2007 or something she made $7mill just from royalties/licensing etc. alone. In other words, if we can get an estimate per year, based on these quick facts alone, her income should have been ON AVERAGE from 2009-2019 MORE than $30 mill/year over those 10 years. This equals OVER $300 mill earned EASY as an extremely LOW/CONSERVATIVE estimate. So if you account for high tax rates, reasonable manager/agent fees, attorney fees etc. then Britney should have at least $100 mill after all that, PLUS the value of properties, trusts etc. that were around when CSHIP started. Also, I believe I remember court docs from around Femme Fatale era that said the Cship trust was up to 40 something mill. If true, how has it only gone up 20 mill since then??!! Let's get to work and productively show the world how the evidence is already out there that something extremely wrong and criminal has (allegedly) been happening and how the facts are right in front of us!
  7. Britney’s extremely low net worth of barely 60 million dollars is baffling considering all that she has accomplished over the last 25 years. I honestly believe that the $600 million dollars that Lou Taylor’s financial company received in 2020 is, in fact, all Britney’s money. If you calculate the total earnings that she has made from albums, concert tours, the Vegas residency, promotional material, and business ventures...it adds up to over $600 million! That’s not including the royalties that she earns from her music. I read that she was actually earning 1 million a week from music royalties as recent as 2014. It’s clear that the conservatorship has access to more money than what was reported in court documents. If this ridiculous conservatorship is revoked, can Britney reclaim all the money that her team has kept hidden from her? Better yet, will Lou Taylor’s company return the $600 million? It would be shocking if the rest of her money permanently gone considering that she worked very hard for several years.
  8. According to official court documents, Britney Spears’s net worth is between 50-60 million dollars. Although this is still a considerable amount, it’s much lower than expected for a pop star and performer with a successful career spanning over 2 decades. I mean Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, and Lady Gaga have not been in the industry as long as her and yet, they have all accumulated a net worth of over 100 million dollars. Britney has sold many records, the majority of which have been certified gold multiple times. The albums she released between 1999-2003 broke the charts. I remember that her second album was sold out at my local wal-mart the week that it was released! Her fragrances and endorsement deals (e.g. Pepsi) were also very lucrative. Bryan Spears said that her fragrance line apparently made $100 billion...although, he probably exaggerated and meant to say 100 million. All those concert tours were extremely popular...more so than her rivals like Christina Aguilera and Justin Timberlake(boo!). I remember that she performed in my hometown as part of the dream within a dream tour and tickets sold out 6 months before the scheduled concert (I managed to get a ticket and see it!). Of course, there’s the Vegas residency. This was one of the more lucrative endeavors for Britney. She spent 4 years performing in Vegas and also landed more concerts and performances across the country. Britney must have been earning 500,000 per show. She should have earned over 100 million from the residency alone. I mean, Celine Dion performed exclusively in Vegas for 16 years and now has a net worth of 600 million. Now, taking all this into consideration, how is her net worth only 50-60 million. Given all that she has accomplished over her career, Britney’s net worth should be well over 300 million. I simply don’t understand where the money has gone. I believe she signed a pre-nup when she married Kevin Federaline. He definitely did not get much from her. Even if she’s paying him spousal and child support, it shouldn’t be a huge dent in her bank account. Britney is known for her shopping sprees...but she tends to spend her money at stores like Target and JCPenny. It’s not like she’s buying $100,000 fur coats and jewelry. People claim that the conservatorship has drained her finances...I don’t believe it. Isn’t the goal of this whole thing to preserve her fortune and help it grow? This could be another conspiracy...where is her money going? Who is getting it? I’m very shocked and sad for her. She has worked so hard for so long. Britney deserves to have a net worth that represents all the time, effort, and success in this crazy entertainment industry.
  9. While BreatheHeavy's server was literally burning to the ground, it was announced that Kim Kardashian is officially a billionaire. She celebrated by posting bikini thirst traps. Just another day in the life of Kim K! Happy for her though for real. I just know Kylie is seething
  10. LETS NOT FAIL THIS IMPORTANT FORUM SECTION!!! i think whenever i have planned my money recent years, i haven't failed that terrible BUT i have eaten my weekly food faster and ended up having less food in the second period of week. even though i have never been in real hunger (even a time when i was younger and really depressed and kinda malfunctioning in mental health i had some kind of cheap food i guess) usually in my life ive always had a way to go through financially...
  11. I spend money mostly on ebay, beauty maintenance (eyebrow threading, haircut, nails,etc) and food What about you guys? What do you spend your money on?
  12. According to Forbes Britney was worth 100million in 2007 In 2008 she earned 8 million off royalties and Blackout Britney was never broke! She always had royalties coming in and she was receiving checks off all the tabloids WHERE IS HER MONEY!!!!
  13. Here's how much money our faves made, according to Forbes, who interestingly recently called Kylie Jenner out for fraud and revoked her billionaire status card. Because of that, I have some doubts as to the accuracy of their figures, but it's always fun to see how many millions these artists made while the rest of the world is eating top ramen. Thoughts?
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