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Found 24 results

  1. Any fellow vegan exhalers out there? ...Show yourselves. Why did you go vegan and what vegan products do use abs what are your favourite meals? I’ve been vegan for 5 years and I love the this isn’t range. My favourite meal to cook is sweet potato pie, barbecue jackfruit and cauliflower wings. Chickpeas and lentils are also a hit with me
  2. I miss it!!! What do u guys like eating? I love burgers and fries, tacos, Mexican food, Chinese food, Native American food, Asian, thai, Southern soul, pizza, chicken wings, fried fish and shrimp, Alfredos, pastas and salads and sushi What about you?
  3. I choose McDonald's anyday!!!! 🍔🍟 however, I do like some items from Burger King.... Like their chicken fries, the spicy nuggets, the original chicken sandwich and their onion rings are so delicious!!! 😋 Which one is more iconic? 🤔🤔🤔
  4. Name your ideal meals!!! 😉 I'll start: Breakfast - Sausage, eggs, potatoes and avocado toast with strawberries and lemons Lunch - side house salad with bleu cheese dressing, BLT, macaroni salad, kettle potato chips Dinner - Fish tacos, beans and Rice
  5. I only have 30 days left in my friends apartment... Our lease is up and we don't know where we are going and don't have money saved up. Orange county is SOOOOO expensive. I want to pretend everything is perfect for 30 days and don't want to eat food at my job at Del Taco all the time because eating fast food all the time is hard! My stove also gave out so I only have a plug in electric flatplan to cook like steaks, burger patties other stuff like that. I have a toaster and a microwave as well! I'm looking for tips on simple meals I can make and enjoy these next 30 days before I'm homeless again! 🥟🥨🌭🌮🥫🥩🥥🥢🥥🥢🥥🥣🥧🍓🥩🌯🥣🌯🥦🌯🥢🍓🥣🥧🍥🍞🍥🍤🍝🍛🍔🍛🍓🍛🍟🍥🍥🍖🍤🍕🍛🍓🍛👩‍🍳🍲😋🍳👩‍🍳👩‍🍳🍳🍪🍬🍦🍮🥐🍨🍨😋🍧🍮!!
  6. Hi y'all, wanna share what is your favourite food from your country/area and a foreign dish? I'm from Argentina, and I recommend 2 things: 1 the typical "Asado" (sorry vegans/vegetarians) and the "Empanadas Tucumanas" as for the foreign food, I love me some sushi what are yours?
  7. I’m going to have to be boring and say Lay’s Classic or Nacho Cheese Doritos What’s yours?
  8. The Jack Harlow KFC Meal will be available June 6th. Will you be finger licking it? 🍔🍟🥤
  9. Omg I'm here like Omg I had the BEST Chili Verde fries ever!!!! I'm staying with my bestie in Anaheim and went to a place called Los something and got chili Verde fries yummy!!!! 😋😋😋 Feeling so refreshed after a hospital visit confirming my liver and kidneys are healing they said my heart rate was fine and I've lost 26 pounds🤷🤷🤷!!!!
  10. We all get the urge from time to time to walk to our pantry and grab something to snack on midday. My go to snacks are trail mix, dried apricots, Cheez It’s, cheese, apples, and cookies. And while it’s technically not a snack, I do love to enjoy a nice cold kombucha at lunchtime. What do you like to snack on? Are you into snacks that are crunchy, salty, spicy, sweet, a combo of all the above? Discuss.
  11. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough for me! What about you?
  12. Britney is on a pizza marathon today 🍕🍕🍕Well she is Eating for two after all👩 👶🍽
  13. McDonald’s for me hands down! On occasion Burger King is the best too
  14. I have been cooking lately and let me tell you something!!! Girl I like cooking OK because when I'm in the kitchen I got my music playing OK I got my Britney Spears playing OK I got my Rihanna playing OK I got my nicki Minaj playing OK I got my Katy Perry playing OK and I love my pop music OK !!! You already know I'm a artist singer songwriter rapper producer dancer, OK the whole damn show and I just really appreciate Cooking !!!👌👌👌 Recent cooking posts on my IG What do YOU like to cook?
  15. So good A sweet treat 😋 yeah baby just how I like it Your biggest fantasy Can't ya see Naturally I want your ice cream
  16. If you love food like me you will appreciate this thread I don't have a home of my own yet so I do not have home cooked meals or am able to cook so I'm always eating out What are your fave fast food joints, Exhale? I literally eat McDonald's often. Say what you want but I love the fries and the food Also love Popeye's, Churches, Jack in the Box, Taco Bell, Rally's, Carl's Jr, Wienerschnitzel and Del Taco are my other faves
  17. And do you like ketchup more? Or mayonnaise more? BONUS QUESTION: do you like vinegar i don't like vinegar and i like ketchup more time to unite!
  18. It's the weekend and it's time to eat junk, well for me anyway What is your favourite type of pizza? where do you normally get it from? I'd say my favourite type of pizza is Margherita (cheese and tomato) - yes i'm basic I usually order from Dominos or Pizza Hut! Whenever i've been to the US the pizza is on another level of good though
  19. I made a broccoli and sweet potato casserole with homemade cashew ranch and tofu ‘cheese’ It wasn’t half bad! What did you habibis cook today? ❤️
  20. I just ate sushi a while ago today and I got inspired to do this thread What are yours? My faves are: Italian food, Seafood, Sushi, Chinese food, desserts, candy
  21. So I’m starting to work on losing a bit of weight and I’m trying to find new things to eat that don’t cost me my entire calorie intake for the day in one meal. 😂 One surprising snack I’ve found that I enjoy is rice cakes. They are surprisingly not awful lol. What do you guys enjoy? Secondary question: I’m debating on getting a fit bit. Any recommendations?
  22. Addiction doesnt have to be dangerous vices, it can be anything. My addictions are: Diet Coke, Youtube, Phone, Britney, Music, Cats and Sweets. What about you guys? What are some of your addictions?
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