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'Dont Stop the Music', along with other 'GGGB' tracks were meant for Britney's BLACKOUT album

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Britney Spears' BLACKOUT has often been noted for its Electronic defining change in the music industry. Songs such as 'Umbrella' by Rihanna, 'Flaws and Al'' by Beyonce and 'When I Grow Up' by the PCD were all intended to be on the album. But what if I told you one of the BIGGEST dance songs of all time was meant for BLACKOUT too?

Another 'Good Girl Gone Bad' anthem 'Don't stop the music' was offered to Britney for the album but it did not make the cut for unknown reasons. It should also be noted that 'Push Up On Me', 'Cry' and 'Breakn Dishes' were also rumoured for the album but did not make the trascklist; perhaps for the same reason as DSTM? 

Source; James Rodriguez Horton of the Original Doll podcast


It is exciting to think how this would have impacted Britney, BLACKOUT, and even Rihanna's career. Im guessing DSTM would have been the 2nd or 3rd single as it is a sure hit with Britney written all over it. 

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35 minutes ago, Matou said:

DSTM is basic for Blackout imo, it doesn't fit in the album. I can see Britney saying "nah good for club but I can do better than this" :gagasmile_smirk_lady_pink:

Blackout is perfect the way it is. :tiffanynod_miss_ms_ny_new_york_yes_yas_nodding_agree:

Imagine thinking DSTM is basic for Blackout when it’s arguably better than at least 90% of the album.

I swear, Britney stans are on a whole other level of delusion.

OT: Such a missed opportunity. Definitely would have helped excel the album. :kyliecry_crying_tears_jenner_wipe_sad:

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2 hours ago, Emil87 said:

“Dont Stop The Music”, “Umbrella” and “Breaking Dishes” are certified bops. Rihanna owes a lot of her early success to Britney, tbh. 


Or to the writers of the song?  Would be interesting to hear them with Britney’s sound though 

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47 minutes ago, Emil87 said:

I’m so here for a gazillion repetitions of Get Naked, tbh. It’s in my top 10 from her. 


I love the first minute. I am like, woohooo. Then I get bored. I wish they added some melodic or even rythmic variants. 

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This isn't true. The writer said this song and Cry were written specifically for Rihanna and said she never wrote for Britney until Circus. That Youtube page also said Britney recorded a demo of Umbrella when the producer said she never got to record it. It is true that a lot of the songs on GGGB were meant for Britney tho.

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29 minutes ago, GmailMyHeart said:

Or to the writers of the song?  Would be interesting to hear them with Britney’s sound though 

Well to be specific, whoever rejected these songs in the first place. I remember hearing rumors that Britney wasn’t happy that her team turned down “Umbrella” without her knowledge. We know Britney has a good ear for music, I doubt she woulda turned it down herself. But Rihanna nailed the song, and “Blackout” remains flawless so I guess it all worked out in the end. 

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