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Question for Delusional Fans.

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4 hours ago, ivosoares said:

Let me ask you genuinely... You really think everything is totally fine? 

Because nobody here knows Britney, or speaks to her (I think) including the people saying that she's free and happy. Nobody knows for real.

no one knows, so we should be respectful and shouldnt assume. rip to twitch. clearly we should be sensitive to mental health. i dont think anyone in the world even speculated, and i dont even know if anyone in his life knew it was to that extent. so no, social media is hard to speculate on how someone is doing, especially for celebrities.

i also find it weird that some people think they can diagnose things. you can speculate, but no one really knows. everyone expresses themselves differently.

according to her testimony and voice notes this year which i think are more authentic than a picture, short clip, or caption- to me she seems more well than the average person for what shes been through, more than anyone here, but I dont want to assume those are just my thoughts.

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19 minutes ago, leviathan said:

agree, but when her life was on the line everything goes out the window. sorry, can’t really change my mind there.

there is nothing to understand or no scenario where it makes sense.

Well, I'd wonder when they found out or the penny dropped, because it still took Lynne months to get involved in court. Also, part of me would assume a huge factor is that Britney feared ridicule, embarrassment or not being believed and she has said two things that would lead me to believe this...

She said she was threatened by father with legal action, and he told "I have a legal team and evidence and you don't even have a lawyer!" and that she didn't tell people because she thought noone would believe her, so to some degree, that he didn't speak our publicly sooner because Britney may have feared the backlash or ridicule, or even legal action without a lawyer of her choosing.

Now, we know now that world rushed to her side in June 2021, but there were a lot of naysayers before then.

I'm saying this as someone who was super critical of everything before Britney spoke out, and given how she has spoken about feeling abandoned by those around then, if she didn't trust Sam, he definitely wouldn't be around.

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4 hours ago, Tetris said:

Not sure how everyone being in agreement that Britney is working through vast trauma = we all are delusional and think everything is perfectly fine and that she is 100% OK?
She is inherently NOT OK because of:  what she’s been through; how it’s negatively affected her; and the myriad/unconventional ways that she is processing it all, which - as it would appear - seems to also be creating additional turmoil as opposed to healthy closure. (But it’s much easier to be judges of her motivations and reactions when these aren’t our own decisions and the outcomes don’t directly affect us.)

What we ARE saying is that Britney has a right to process on her own terms, regardless of whether it makes you or anyone else uncomfortable. Nobody is blind to the fact that her behavior and way of expressing herself is vastly different from her polished and perfected early days. But Britney has also been revealing since at least 2003 (basically 20 years now!) that the real her - when she’s off the clock as a pop star and marketed commodity - is messy and offbeat and chaotic (like, hello, that was even the name of her reality show that SHE filmed herself).

The uproar from us “delusional fans” is over the insanity that she’s being green screened, imprisoned by her husband, blackmailed by deep state shadow societies, in a secret off-the-books second conservatorship, abusing hard/prescription drūgs or spiraling into unchecked mania, publicly documenting her nude body as forced prøstitutiøn marketing, a mind control puppet of government agencies… These are all theories that have been claimed as the reason(s) for why she isn’t looking or behaving like it’s still 2001. It’s not the “delusional fans” who are holding onto an image of Britney in the past! It’s the conspiracy peddlers who refuse to accept how much she’s changed from what she’s been through, and who have decided - through outrageous ideas - that something insidiously nefarious is STILL going on because after the conservatorship there MUST be something else…and then something else, and then something else…

Not knowing the firsthand truth about somebody else’s life invites endless room to fill in the blanks for oneself. Because human nature forces one to determine answers for that which they do not understand. And it is much easier to believe in something over-the-top that stimulates continued engagement (and congratulates possession of clever, smarter-than-everyone-else “logic”) than it is to accept how much of reality is truly mundane as shït. 

But I guess we all have different ways of showing concern. And SHOWING concern has just as much - if not more - to do with how oneself is being perceived in relation to the thing, than it does for the thing itself. This is what the whole concept of virtue signaling is about! Likewise, being a crusader for justice for some horrific thing that you’ve decided is happening appears much nobler than looking passive and saying “I hope she’s okay, but I really don’t think it’s that deep.”

But something to keep in mind - especially with conspiracy theorists - is that they will only be satisfied once the thing they have been claiming is proven true. Which means - in essence - y’all kinda want this fücked up nonsense to be occurring to Britney because then you are proven right with all your hypotheses and concern and are therefore the better humans with smarter eyes and the fuller hearts. 

Personally, I just wish Britney the best on her continued journey; that she’ll request help if she wants it (if she even needs it); and that she might extend the courtesy to her fans - as a beloved public figure - and personally address some of her truth so that we may feel at ease and know that our support has been acknowledged. 

Wow this was so beautifully written and I 100% agree with every word. Can we pin this at the top as an official response to the op? Lol

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49 minutes ago, Viking84 said:

The problem is that you group people who claim insane things like her being an alien with perfectly logical questions, like how the Hell Sam made it to her inner circle when everyone around her was controlled. Why he said that she was fine when they were trying to ****** her in the facility. Or ignoring the fact that a lot of people on that team of people who let Sam into her life want her dead. I don't expect Britney to be anything but herself. This is about asking questions about things which don't make sense. The delusional fans here are delusional because they just want to put a blindfold over their eyes. It has nothing to do with theories on TikTok or wanting Britney to be like she used to be. I feel there is a lot of gaslighting here about the real issues. 


I didn’t group those two things together though. My mention of Sam was - like the other things - the extremist point of view: that he’s somehow her new handler/enforcer. 

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with feeling wary of who gets into the inner circle of a highly protected/guarded person. BUT there is so much intentional vilifying of Sam that I personally believe is unwarranted and flat out conspiracy. You may find him suspicious; I don’t.

And I don’t think one of the “real” issues here is ‘Why/how was Sam approved to be in a relationship with her? or, Why didn’t he single-handedly dissolve the conservatorship through his own legal efforts or go on some whistleblowing crusade to the media?’

I think you’re being too literal in him having said “she’s fine” as meaning he was doing a coverup - he may not have spoken on the full extent of the situation, but he was at least clarifying that Britney’s life wasn’t ~literally~ in danger (just as one of her sons said she wasn’t ~literally~ in chains). OBVIOUSLY, YES the forced facility was VERY BAD and WAS killing her spirit. (Please do not accuse me of trying to “gaslight” away from its severity.)

But Britney has said a million times, and I think Sam is always respectful of it, that she finds it incredibly embarrassing for others to talk about what’s going on in her life and she wants to be the one to share that information publicly. We simply are not privy to their private conversations, and I don’t think it’s fair to call him a bad actor because he was more passive publicly than we may be aware of behind the scenes. (And Britney saying she learned about #FB from a tv doesn’t mean Sam and she weren’t talking about it too. She also says it’s her first time meeting people or doing things all the time, and then there’s countless documentation of how that’s not true. I don’t think Britney is a reliable narrator when it comes to timelines. She likes to generalize because it’s easier - hence how she now says the conservatorship was for 15 years.) 

Also, I’m really not sure whose comments you’re seeing that are this mass of Exhale members trying to discredit rational concern and put on blindfolds. You speak to the “real” issues, which is ~exactly~ what everyone here that I’m seeing ~wants~ to keep in focus too: the documented injustices and verified bad actors. But instead, there has been an infiltration of TikTok nonsense and the tired, well-trodden tearing down of Sam.


PS: At least from what I’ve seen in this thread, I feel like you are engaging in this dialogue respectfully. Which is why I’ve been replying in the first place. So thank you for that.


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10 hours ago, ivosoares said:

Let me ask you genuinely... You really think everything is totally fine? 

Because nobody here knows Britney, or speaks to her (I think) including the people saying that she's free and happy. Nobody knows for real.

Same can be applied to you, how do you know everything is not fine? As you said no one knows or speaks to her, so please tell me how you know something is wrong.

I’m not saying she’s perfectly fine but I’m redirecting your statement and question back at you because it can be applied to you as well.

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10 hours ago, GlitterRain said:

Her lawyer is taking care of it. What do you want her to do? Go to Lou’s house and drag her by the hair to the police station?

Tbh, that would be totally EPIC! 😂 I’d legit die, come back to life, then die again if she did that. 😂 I’m sorry for changing the topic, but I just had this image in my head of Britney doing that and had to laugh and say something about it. 😂


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11 hours ago, ivosoares said:

And please don't take this is any wrong way... I have been a fan since 1999 as well, I was 6 when I became a fan and I have been a fan ever since, I've been through it ALL with her. Nothing compares to this, I never saw this behaviour on her, and the videos give me a weird feeling personally. That's it, she's not a clone or a robot, she's just probably struggling emotionally.

Well I’ve been fan since 1998 and I remember this little thing called the Conservatorship that took place over 15 years. Apparently I don’t label someone’s recovery from that as struggling just because they don’t meet my expectations.

I have expectations for myself instead of evaluating someone who posts on Instagram every couple of days. Maybe you all should do the same. 


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Lock this thread. The gaslighting from the concerned fans keeps growing because this site is a corrupt business that prioritizes clicks and profit over giving Britney Spears the space to recover.

She is not struggling. She is surviving and recovering just one year after a Conservatorship. A year in which her entire family sold her out with book deals and scum interviews. These people who are concerned for Britney never mention these facts. Yet their whole shtick is proving that they are supposedly so empathetic. 

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10 hours ago, LikeRight said:


Another brainless fan :katyclown_makeup_mess_pie_meme_smile:



Lol another Team Con member

She lost money in the con, she was worth less than she should’ve been after doing Vegas for four years, two tours during that time period, two albums, etc. There’s proof that she lost money, sorry that your brown nosing Jamie Spears to see that. 

Also after being out of the con, she GAINED money to her net worth with barely lifting a finger. Go figure!

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7 hours ago, Viking84 said:

She absolutely loathes her sister, apologises to Alexa Nikolas for not knowing her sister's true character and then randomly posts about her sister being amazing? She is traumatized, not crazy. Give Britney some respect and credit.

That JL post was lathered in sarcasm. No way do I believe that it was heart felt and you can’t convince me otherwise

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18 hours ago, ICouldntThinkOfOne said:

No, it wasnt. 

That's exactly what it was. Do you even know what a conspiracy theory is? Google the definition. I think a lot if people think it means that something is untrue. That's not what it means. The theory was that a group of people, namely Team Con, was abusing her financially and emotionally. People laughed at it and it turned out to be true. It was a conspiracy theory. Just because it turned out to be true doesn't mean it wasn't. 🤦‍♂️

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18 hours ago, OneLife said:

These were facts that no one knew how serious they were... Now everyone makes up whatever they want, based on what?

Based on facts, like:

1. The fact that Sam entered Britney's life when everyone around her was controlled and monitored. Even her phone and bedroom were monitored.

2. The fact that Sam said Britney was fine when they were trying to kill her in the facility.

3. The fact that Britney has said on audio that freedom isn't enough and she wants her family to pay for what they did. Coupled with the fact that her IG suddenly praises her sister and asks her mother to go for coffee with her.

Do I need to go on?

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18 hours ago, Aymama said:

There’s a massive difference in fans thinking everything is totally fine (literally no one) 

And having the emotional maturity to realize the only thing that can help Britney, is Britney herself. As in Britney coming to a point of trusting good people to surround herself with, doing what she enjoys and ultimately letting go of fear and anger. 

Nothing you “truth seekers” do on your phone is helpful to Britney and in fact just draws more negative attention to her from people who are literally unhinged. 

From a “delusional” fan - grow up. 

Not true at all. Ever heard of strength in numbers? Every social movement has occurred by people coming together. I mean, this is literally how FreeBritney happened. 🤦‍♂️

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On 12/21/2022 at 10:15 AM, Viking84 said:


This is a question to those of you who spend all day here trying to convince others that Britney is fine. Why does it bother you so much that people care about her well-being? If you are right, then it doesn't do Britney any harm that people are concerned for her. She has survived the whole world being against her and her family trying to kill her. She can handle it. If you are wrong, then Britney actually has a chance at being helped.

I know a lot of anti-Britney users here are associated with Team Con but this question is directed at those of you who just refuse to see the truth.

It’s sad that some of these “fans” are simply turning their back on Britney at a time when she needs the most support so sad. When the truth comes out, they will be the first ones to be like I knew something was wrong…..🙄

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58 minutes ago, Viking84 said:

Not true at all. Ever heard of strength in numbers? Every social movement has occurred by people coming together. I mean, this is literally how FreeBritney happened. 🤦‍♂️

You totally missed the point. 
You’re not helping Britney. Only Britney can help herself. 
Is that clear enough? 

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20 hours ago, Viking84 said:

All of the abuse she was suffering was a conspiracy theory. It led to a movement which brought it to international attention. You see how it can help?

You act like the BS she endured during the conservatorship was completely secret until Free Britney, but some of us knew about the limitations she had and were rooting for her strength the whole time. There had been plenty of reliable info about her situation for a decade now. Even Britney herself spoke openly about it in For the record. And clearly watching her perform told us a lot about her dissatisfaction with her life, minus a few years. And if you’re a real Britney fan, you would have known that she was on heavy meds during X Factor/Femme Fatale. The eyes. 
Now the only thing truly alarming is that she’s rightfully scared of doctors and doesn’t trust anyone. She needs a good doctor to help her through her traumas, but she’s refusing. So this is what your seeing, someone who’s struggling who is actually SCARED to get help for it. Nothing else. 

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