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Hilary Duff comments on how society treated Britney when she shaved her head

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13 minutes ago, Stannedforever said:

Honestly, her shaving her head was probably so ******* satisfying for her. For the first time ever she got to do something that was 100% her own choice, it was the ultimate act of freedom and rebellion against the image that she was forced to portray by her label, family media and GP. We should look it back as empowering moment, not something that was shameful. Society should normalize any hairstyle for any person. Also she still looked so freaking beautiful without hair that I don't get why GP still tries to make fun of her baldness :lemmetellu_telling_preaching_yelling_talking_points_finger:


This may be out of place, but I think Britney looked beautiful with her hair cut!

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29 minutes ago, PokemonSpears said:

and with Britney in particular it was exacerbated, and tbh to this day there's still a bit of that. She had this image of perfection, that anything that didn't make her look perfect, physically or in what she did, catalogued her as crazy.

But as I said, that still continues to this day, everyone criticizing her IG posts or captions or worried about how "they make her look" aren't any different than those that called her crazy for shaving her head 

What angers me most about fans who are oh so concerned with how Britney will be looked upon by people for her Instagram is that it does nothing to de-stigmatize Mental illness and mental health. Not only that, it does the exact opposite. This faux concern is just judgment but with seemingly good intentions. How about we just stop judging people? How about we stop forcing people, yes celebs too, to act a certain way? Because god forbid total strangers online or in real life think Britney isn’t “normal”. Or a high class celebrity with a legacy because apparently her legacy is more important than her right to do whatever the **** she wants and express herself however she wants after having been abused for over a decade. 

sometimes I feel like not even spelling it out like this makes people realize how dumb all of this is, how toxic it is. we as individuals should not be forced to be something we’re not for the sake of total strangers and to be deserving of safety from bullying and accusations.

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