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Where were you when Britney posted this slayage?

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I was actually at college. I had finished my classes in December 2015, but I still had to do some stuff in order to graduate. We had to wait for teachers to be available, collect signatures, pay things, it was very tiresome, at some point my classmates and I just found an empty classroom so we could wait there, and get the wi-fi, and that's when I saw it :melt_weird_drift_wow:

But I think I actually saw it on Facebook

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Side note but seeing this makes me miss living my life alongside hers.

For example, she was in Vegas pretty much the entire time I was an undergrad, so I have lots of fond memories of Glory, BBMAs, mermaidney etc. whilst I was at uni & then the summer I graduated I was able to watch her show when she toured Europe. Even further back, I associate the Circus & FFT eras a lot from when I was at school. 

There was just something comforting about knowing she was there & having it impact your own life as you spent time speculating on what’s next, watching new videos, chatting with others online etc. Of course everyone could tell for many years that lots of things were off, especially in hindsight :canthandleit_cry_katy_sob_sad_tears:

The main thing now of course is that the c-ship has been terminated, and all the horrible leeches in her life are gone. And now she can hopefully choose and decide whatever she wants to do next, whether that’s a career or not. I will support any path she chooses, but I am very grateful for the love and comfort she has provided me (and everyone) for years

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