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Do You Get Angrier Every Day About Britney’s Situation?

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I know it’s almost over (FINGERS CROSSED), but I can’t believe how angry I get periodically just thinking about the whole thing. How these horrible, awful people exist that put her in this, and how they gaslit EVERYONE. Threatened, harassed, sued to keep it quiet. Even threatened Britney with her most important thing - her children. It angers me they stole millions from her and it angers me that they likely feel like they did nothing wrong, even though deep down I suspect they know they’re not innocent. The entire world is against them, every political party, every single person. And they still feel justified. It just angers me and make me mad... :liar_red_mad_angry_anger_yell_slap: there are vicious, terrible people in the world, even if they don’t acknowledge it to themselves. There are also good people out there, but the bad ones really stand out. FREE BRITNEY!!!

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Today i came across a compilation on youtube that was exposing the media for bullying her needlessly for years on end, and i felt my blood boiling :whitneyshade_whitney_Houston_mad_really_blink_seriously_hmm_umm_done: and I was like ''i dont need to watch this cos i already know all that **** and Britney's not taking this bull anymore''. I didnt even wanna watch it but I was like man i dont need to at this point, whats done is done and Brit dont accept none of their empty apologies and neither do i  :tiffanynod_miss_ms_ny_new_york_yes_yas_nodding_agree:

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Definitely. I just hope there's justice in this world for all of them that have done this to Britney. I know I've said throughout my time on this forum that I still can't believe this is going on. I genuinely believed as Britney showed improvement that it'd start slipping away til it ended completely. I thought people were gonna be on the up and up. Instead you got a bunch of "Corrines*" running around because they wanted it all. Let her do the work and we can reap the rewards. She'll break down eventually and then we can have it all when she's gone! *throws money into the air*

*Flowers in the Attic. Corrine's the greedy mother.

They're disgusting. The words are revolting and the actions are just new lows. I'm not naive. I definitely know ********* exist but for people to betray their own flesh and blood...there's just no words. And I sincerely doubt they'll ever have that awakening moment of "What have I just done?" They're gonna be too busy whining, *****ing and crying because "Britney ruined our lives!" "Britney's gonna have us prosecuted!" "What kind of a daughter would do this to her parents?!" "What kind of sister would do this to her siblings!?"


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10 hours ago, Arwen said:

Not just angrier, but more and more horrified by the fact that not only situations like this but others go on in the world in general. It’s like basic human decency has gone out the window.

Exactly. It's painful being a part of this world imo. There's kind people that keep you hanging onto that rope and then there's monsters that just make you wish you could draw a door like in Beetlejuice in order to get the **** out of here.

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