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  1. Love them. ‘Holler’ is one of my favorite songs of all time and that video is still FIRE. I’ve always hated how underrated that album was. The Olymics performance was so epic. The 25th anniversary rerelease is cool, but their first album wasn’t as good to me as SpiceWorld and Forever. I was really hoping we would get the remix of SYBT used in the Spiceworld movie, but it isn’t there. I don’t know about all 5 doing another album. Victoria has always claimed her calling is fashion, but I think part of it was also her lack of solo career success and all the stuff she dealt with while she was recording her second album that got shelved. I think the music business left a bad taste with her. ( Although her solo material was my favorite.) Im glad Mel C is still actively doing music. Her latest album is really good.
  2. Breathe On Me. It’s very hypnotic. I also like how the instrumental on Before the Goodbye changes after the bridge. And whatever those loud echoing synths(?) are at the beginning of Stronger give me so many feels.
  3. I will not stand for the ISBE, BFB, and ILR&R slander!..especially since HIR beat them out
  4. Though she is traumatized, I would say no. I believe her issue was with the grueling schedule, insensitivity when she wanted a break, and the lack of a personal and social life, not necessarily all the music.
  5. Are there any more? Apart from this and the Before the Goodbye video…wait that may have been a dream
  6. Britney needs to unfollow her too. It’s obvious it doesn’t do anything but make her mad whenever she reads JLs posts
  7. Love the Britney cover, I never understood why they didn’t go with that to begin with.
  8. Hehe i think i’ll go pop that promo cd in my stereo right now. and lol at there even being a gif for that👑
  9. Sometimes you just have to expel the toxic people out of your life, even if they’re close family. I hope when all is said and done she is able to find some real, trustworthy friends she can turn to.
  10. Yes…we would and I have seen tons of people on the web thinking that she was at least featuring one on the album. One of the BBC Radio 2 djs said a track or two seems Goldfrapp inspired, so maybe we’ll at least get something close.
  11. Yeah I never really thought any costumes related to the cship should exist. Very poor taste. Apart from which without those labels, no one would get it. I hate costumes you have to explain over and over but the labels would just take away from the fun of it being a costume anyway.
  12. 1. Toxic 2. Hold It Against Me 3. Stronger 4. Everytime 5. Me Against the Music
  13. I’m not gonna lie, I really love several of the tracks on this album. Part of me still hopes that maybe everyone is wrong and it really is Britney singing the whole thing. But I know it’s probably not the case. BEFORE I FOUND OUT ABOUT MYAH: ‘Til It’s Gone was one of my most played tracks in her catalogue. I love a good “pain on the dance floor anthem”. I loved Passenger as well. It was so different than what she normally does. It could have been a great “stand there with a real mic and just sing with a real band in the background” moment. It Should Be Easy should have been the 3rd single. Most of it was actually her, and i know people don’t like the vocoder, but I think it made for a good effect, imo. I think it provided enough novelty and corny lyrics that I think it could have had at least some minor chart success. It’s a fun song. Had the album not been tainted with Myah, it would have had some good moments.
  14. She’s about to have a new era. It’s called LIFE! ☺️ it’s just not a musical era😑 I know he’s not as popular any more, but i would love her to hop on a Calvin Harris track
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