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Hear infinty, the early stages of Give it 2 Me by Madonna.

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Infinity evolved into Madonna's epic anthemic Give it 2 Me. 


Most of the lyrics are the same, but it's the chorus. 


On the surface it seems it's about dancing and hooking up, but it's about her career and how nobody has been able to stop her.


Like she said I can go on and on and on, and that even when the lights go down, and no one is around she will still be unstoppable and super human which was the exact opposite of her peers..


And that's what Made Madonna different.  


She never saw herself as a human being, but someone invincible and unstoppable and critics agreed that's why she was able to maintain her career was she saw herself as the first super human, and unstoppable and it's played a huge role in her career and how she recovered from scandals better than her peers and how she was able to be forgiven faster than both Michael and Janet and even Mariah Carey.  



People were able to look past her controversies as it was professional life not personal life. 


Madonna was and will always be invincible, compared to everybody else. 


Even she teased the cops several times when people complained about her shows, and they found nothing wrong with her art. 



@I Always Sing Live

@Jordan Miller

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35 minutes ago, BUWYGF said:

Wow, it's amazing to what it evolved :umomg_britney_shocked_wow_omg_surprised_eyes_wide: it used to be a completely different song with sucha different vibe. I obviously do prefer give it 2 me the final result, but I wouldn't be against her finishing and completing this demo in this version, it would be dope :OMGney_britney_surprised_no_way_shocked_wide_eyes:

I need that breakdown 


You're only here to win.

Forget what they say.


You're only here to win 

Forget what they do


They do it to, if they were you.


You've done it all before, ain't nothing new. 

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