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New IG post about s** and the City and NY: "Psssss Beyoncé and Carrie both inspired Project Rose 🌹🌹🌹!!!!!"

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If you swipe you will see that I have a ways to go before I get to Carrie Bradshaw’s flower representation 🙄🤷‍♀️😂😂 … but I do love s** and the City era of how Carrie could enlighten each episode with the girliest, coolest, ***iest, crazy, sophisticated wardrobe known to mankind !!!! She literally made every woman in America open their eyes in the most refreshing way 👀… I mean it wasn’t boring at all … she made clothes fun 👚👖👗🧥!!!! It seems a lot of her pieces were made specifically for her so you can’t really buy them anywhere but she definitely inspired me 🤩 !!!! That was years ago and I do believe Betsey Johnson played a huge part in her wardrobe !!!! Believe it or not … when I bought my first apartment in New York 🗽🏙 … guess who lived down the hall from me? Betsey Johnson !!!!! She would come in late at night with four girlfriends laughing and giggling out loud with huge flowers on their clothes 🌹🌸🌻🌷 !!!!! I will never forget it. I know my rose is not sewn 🧵 on correctly as a necklace but hey … there’s a first time for everything 😂🙊🤣 !!! Anyways … I will watch the 4th season tonight and pretend I’m right there in the story with her !!!! Geez 🙄 when she lights up a cigarette, I will too 🤷🏼‍♀️🚬 !!!! I feel like we are all girls wanting to have someone to look up to who will inspire us … yet it’s very hard because there will always be somebody prettier … smarter … and skinner … but if you look at life like Carrie’s clothes, you will see perfect is boring !!!! I want to be different like Carrie 👏🏼🌹🤪 !!!! Psssss Beyoncé and Carrie both inspired Project Rose 🌹🌹🌹!!!!!


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