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Perez Hilton doesn't expect people to forgive him: "I am irredeemable in the eyes of most"

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The Sunday Times featured Perez. They asked him about his mistreatment of Britney back in the day. 

Thoughts, Exhale?


“I am irredeemable in the eyes of most. No matter how much I change, grow, evolve, apologise, they refuse to see me for who I am today". Perez Hilton doesn’t expect to be forgiven for his Noughties career as the world’s most notorious gossip blogger.
He called her a “mess” and an “unfit mother”. As she spiralled towards a breakdown in 2008, his numbers exploded. After Heath Ledger died, Hilton offered a T-shirt with the slogan “Why couldn’t it be Britney?”
He thought of the people he wrote about as the cast of an “online soap opera” where “you have your heroes and you have your villains”. He saw himself as a part of the fiction too. “I would say things like, well, Perez is not who I really am, it’s just a character. So if people don’t like me, it doesn’t bother me".


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If he truly changed, he would step away from all of this that has caused this image of him.  He continues discuss it, as if he is some sort of victim.  He was obsessed with fame back then and getting as many hits as possible on his website.  He comments were disgusting and out of line (beyond just Britney, too).  There’s a level of sociopath associated with people who find that type of behavior acceptable and/or comical.  You can “grow” and apologize all you want, but that doesn’t mean anyone has to forgive you for being BEYOND and indecent person at one point in time.  He still seems obsessed with fame, hence his complete mental breakdown over his TikTok being banned…go be a dad to your kids and live a normal life.  One apology is sufficient if you, truly, mean it.  Beyond that, actions speak louder than words…if he wishes to still use his “celebrity”, then he should be doing more with his platform to raise awareness for very serious issues in the world…not talking about stuff like this every chance he gets.  He was a really bad person back in the day, even Gaga ended her friendship with him…and she was just as fame-obsessed as he was, so that speaks volumes.

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