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Can we just appreciate the fact that Britney performed with MICHAEL JACKSON?!!!

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It's honestly quite surreal when you think about it... he never performed with any other major female popstar i think, it's really insane. Imagine being 19, 3 years into your singing career and you are performing on stage with the most legendary pop star to ever walk the earth. Britney is the love child of Madonna and Michael Jackson. She is the princess of Pop certified by the King and Queen themselves :nydisgust_miss_new_york_tiffany_gross_pollard_ew:



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3 hours ago, dojaknee said:

i feel like everyone always forgets this performance 

Because it wasnt aired on the original broadcast due to heer HBO special, allegedly, she had a policy where she wasnt allowed to appear in major television shows in a time frame around her show in Vegas (the DWAD) or something like that. Her performance with MJ was later added. 


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