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'I want to regain my confidence and get back to the world' - What it means?

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It doesn't mean music..


Imagine for 13 years being Bullied, walking on egg shells, not to piss off people, hoping their in a good mood, I mean it will take someone who actually understands what she means. 


It doesn't have to take to a group or one person, anybody that is extremely confident in themselves can she it go away, especially when in life, depression and low self esteem can actually happen to anybody.


For most of us, this begins with the usual why me, and Britney being born in 1981, I can relate to this raising the most, we were taught that mental health is a myth, sweep it under a rug and forget about it..

Most of us is ****ed up in one way or another cos our parents mostly boomers, raised us the same way their parents did..


So I wouldn't say were fragile, but it's easier to question the authenticity of people's intentions. 


If one thing I can be jealous of generation Z and 90s millenials, is a majority of you were raised by families who cared for you, and never kicked you out when you turned 18, or had you pay rent to basically live there in your bedroom as an adult. 

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It could mean for both personally and her career but who knows. pretty sure she will take her time, as long as she needs to live her life. and when she’s ready she’ll come back. singing and performing are her passion.. she was held back from doing what she wanted - both in her life and her career. 

i’m actually pretty excited to see how her career will change moving forward. Here’s to hoping she WILL regain her confidence - to doing everything. I honestly miss her pre-cship attitude and style. She just didnt give a single **** and was never awkward

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It means she wants psychological support from a professional she trusts to start working on her confidance to be by herself. Also to be able to surround herself with people that truly loves her by working on trust issues. What she's been through is a trauma that will last for the rest of her life, and Im glaad she knowledges that. 

Wherever she goes, there will always be "something" for quite a while. A sense that she's being followed by someone, fear of trusting people, problems with speaking her mind without the fear of retaliation. She already has phobia of small places due the abuse she suffered from Dr. Benson in his office. Those are typical abuse traumas, I've been there. I came to a point that during one night alone, there was a lighthing (rain was coming), and in my head I thought there was someone taking pictures of me from the garden because most of the walls were made of glass. I paniced, ran upstairs and locked the door, send texts to my friends crying and checked the security cameras on my laptop. Only when it started raining that I realised it was a lighthing, I went in such a state that didnt even heard the thunders. Or like, whenever my friends would open their bedroom's doors in the middle of the night to go to the kitchen or whatever, I would wake up scared thinking "someone" would knock on my door. And that was a result of 10 months of abuse, imagine Britney and her 13 years inferno. 

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I think it’s all knocked her confidence. She probably doesn’t know who to trust or what to believe. 

tbh everything makes so much sense now. That 2018 tour. She didn’t look like she was into it most of the time. The people who bought meet and greets. When you put yourself in her shoes … being forced to work when you don’t want to. You’re not gonna be in the best of moods. Her team are so stupid because they didn’t realise that could ruin her reputation with her audience. Then they book her for another Vegas show right at the end of that tour. So she literally had no time off because she was straight into rehearsals. 
I bet they regret doing all this **** to her now!! She finally snapped and had enough. So proud of her! 

will she return? I personally think she will! Obviously not for awhile.  It’s in her blood and she’s an entertainer at heart. I’m so interested to see what she will do when she’s ready as she won’t have any of that same team around next time. She gives us videos of her dancing and says it’s her finding her passion back. She’s always working out and staying in great shape. She will definitely be back when she’s ready :) 

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