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Question about C-ship/ *** Abuse?!

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It is a long time I think about c-ship in Britneys case. 

If she is not able to feed herself, drive, find shelter etc why are man allowed to have *** with her?! 

I mean - doesn't having BF confirms that she is capable to make grown decisions?  Otherwise it should considered as $ex abuse right?!

For me it sounds really huge thing.. Cause if she isn't well enough to drive (when 16 year olds are) why on earth grown men are allowed to touch her in ***ual way and if she can handle that hard relationships (I personally can not lol :d) how can she need someone to provide food/shelter/health issues for her?!

In the both way she is wronged!

If here are some lawyer from LA I need an answer.. :decisions_britney_thinking_confused_focusing_unsure_xfactor_bw_black_white:


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omg you raise such valid points, one would think britney is capable and doesn't need a conservatorship and was forced into one to milk her estate for all that is worth and is forced to work while illegally kept within a system of fraud and abuse.

but what do we know, this is probably for her best interest as her daddy loves her very much; also, haven't you heard? she's a virgin AND a highly functioning conservatee, just trust the system, britney is happy and posts on her instagram and also cried for 2 weeks after having NOT watched the NYT documentary. 

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