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Britney posts a video of old dancer Blake McGrath

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5 minutes ago, Mgmgmgmg said:

Seeing this really made me feel like Brit misses performing so badly. :sad_britney_ftr_for_the_record:

It made me think that and she misses old friends and wants to reconnect :kyliecry_crying_tears_jenner_wipe_sad:

4 minutes ago, Jordan Miller said:

Wait, are they together in Maui??? 

omg I saw he was in Hawaii recently too :omggg_shocked_hand_old_lady_woman_surprised:

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3 minutes ago, Tingle2mingle86 said:

Ugh, that's embarrassing. *I also remember Leo very well, also had a crush on him lol*

TBH I mostly remember him (Blake) dancing with her during her Ellen performance for Toxic.


Blake was in the Onyx dance group but there was no closeness. There was a photo of her and Blake post-show and National Enquirer put him as one of their lovers and he posted that article on Instagram a long time ago. He also commented on a children's fanpage on Instagram that long ago.

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1 minute ago, Slayer said:

This is clearly Britney, I think she really misses having friends and wants to reach out to people :kyliecry_crying_tears_jenner_wipe_sad:

That she does not have direct access to her own Instagram for God's sake, obviously she misses having friends or having someone to chat with.

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