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Britney 2016 interview with Mario Lopez


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i totally ship them. 

Can we replace Sam? 

She's so confident around him. 


The laugh at 3:33 sends me :haha: 

She also mentions one of the strings broke and she was hanging by 1 string. I'm guessing that was a rehearsal? I can't find it anywhere. 

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9 minutes ago, Corso said:

I think she really does fancy Mario Lopez. He interviewed her a few times and every time she’s like a little flirty and excited around him.no problem thumbs up GIF

The way she was complementing him on his abs :ohwut: 

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2 minutes ago, EasyThere said:

Yeah. Something happened and he was banned from doing interviews with her. Might be around the time he talked about hooking up with her.

He seems to genuinely care about her. That’s most likely Jamie’s real problem with him. 

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