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Kanye West & Taylor Swift’s 2016 phone conversation has been leaked in full

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Taylor won. 

Four years after Kim Kardashian shared an edited phone call between her husband Kanye West and Taylor Swift discussing his “Famous” lyrics, extended portions of the conversation were leaked online late Friday night.

The convo is on Twitter. It can't be posted here due to copyright reasons, but it's easy to find on Twitter.

Kanye never mentioned the term "that *****"


The transcript:



KW: —old school s—, yeah. I’m doing great. I feel so awesome about the music. The album’s coming out Feb. 11. I’m doing the fashion show Feb. 11 at Madison Square Garden and dropping the album Feb. 12, that morning. It’s like …. yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Aw thank you so, so much. Thank you. It feels like, real. I don’t know, just ‘Ye, Apple, Steve Jobs-type music. Like, so my next single, I wanted you to tweet it … so that’s why I’m calling you. I wanted you to put the song out.

TS: What would people … I guess it would just be, people would be like, “Why is this happening?” And I had something to do with it, probably.

KW: The reason why it would happen is because it has a very controversial line at the beginning of the song about you.

TS: What does it say? [nervous laughter]

KW: It says, and the song is so, so dope, and I literally sat with my wife, with my whole manager team, with everything, and try to rework this line. I’ve thought about this line for eight months, I’ve had this line and tried to rework it every which way, and the original way that I thought about it is the best way, but it’s the most controversial, so it’s gonna go Eminem a little bit, so can you brace yourself for a second?

TS: Yeah…

KW: Okay, alright. It says—wait a second, you sound sad.

TS: Well, is it gonna be mean?

KW: No, I don’t think it’s mean.

TS: Okay, then let me hear it.

KW: Okay, um … and the funny thing is when I first played it and my wife heard it, she was like “Huh? What? That’s too crazy, blah, blah, blah.” And when Ninja from Die Antwoord heard it, he was like, “Oh God, this is the craziest sh—! This is why I love Kanye,” that kind of thing. It’s like my wife’s favorite f—ing line. I just wanted to give you some premise of that, right?

TS: Okay.

KW: So it says, “To all my Southside n— that know me best/ I feel like Taylor Swift might owe me ***.” [chuckles]

TS: [chuckles] That’s not mean.

KW: Okay. Yeah, well, this is the thing why I’m calling you because you got an army. You own a country of motherf—ing two billion people, basically, that if you felt that it’s funny and cool and like hip hop and felt like, you know, just The College Dropout and the artist like, ‘Ye that you love, then I think that people would be like way into it, and that’s why I think it’s super genius to have you be the one that says, ‘Oh, I like this song a lot, like, yeah, whatever. This is cool. Whatever, it’s like, I got like s— on my album where I’m like, “I bet me and Ray J will be friends if we ain’t love the same *****.”

TS: Oh my [laughs]. I mean, I need to think about it because you hear something for the first time, you need to think about it because it is absolutely crazy. I’m glad it’s not mean though. It doesn’t feel mean, but like, oh my God, the build-up you gave it. I thought it was gonna be like that stupid dumb *****, like, but it’s not. Um, so I don’t know. I mean, the launch thing, I think it would be kind of confusing to people, but I definitely like, I definitely think that when I’m asked about, of course I’m gonna be like, “Yeah, I’m his biggest fan. I love that. I think it’s hilarious,” but um, I’ll think about it.

KW: Yeah, you don’t have to do—you don’t have to do the launch and retweet. That’s just an extra idea that I had, like, but if you think that that’s cool, then that’s cool. If not, we are launching the s— like on just GOOD Fridays, on Soundcloud, the site, s— like that.

TS: You know, the thing about me is like, anything that I do becomes a feminine think-piece, and if I launch it, they’re gonna be like, “Wow,” like this thing—like they’ll just turn it into something that … I think if I launch it, it honestly like, it’ll be less cool ‘cause I think if I launch it, it adds this level of criticism, ‘cause having that many followers and having that many eyeballs on me right now, people are just looking for me to do something dumb or stupid or lame, and it’s like almost … I dont know, like I kind of feel like people would try to make it negative if it came from me. Do you know what I mean?

KW: Yeah.

TS: I try to be super self-aware about where I am, and I feel like, I feel like right now I’m like this close to overexposure.

KW: Well, this one, I think this is a really cool thing to have.

TS: I know, it’s like a compliment [laughs].

KW: I had this line where I said—and my wife really didn’t like this one because we tried to make it nicer. So I said, “To all my Southside n— that know me best/ I feel like me and Taylor might still have ***,” and my wife was really not with that one. She was way more into “She owes you ***,” but then the owe part was the feminist group-type s— that I was like, “Ahhh.”

TS: That’s the part that I’m kind of—I mean, they’re both really edgy, but that’s the only thing about that line is that it’s like gonna … the feminists are gonna come out, but I mean, you don’t have to give a f—, so…

KW: Yeah, basically. Well, what I give a f— about is just you as a person and as a friend. I want things—

TS: That’s sweet—

KW: —that make you feel good. I don’t wanna do rap that makes people feel bad, like of course like I’m mad at Nike, so people think like, “Oh, he’s a bully. He ran on stage with Taylor. He’s bullying Nike now, this $50 billion company.”

TS: Why are people saying you’re bullying Nike?

KW: Because on “Facts” I said like, “Yeezy, Nike out here bad, they can’t give s— away.”

TS: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I mean, that’s just what you do though.

KW: [laughs]

TS: [laughs] I mean, I wouldn’t say that it’s like possible to bully a company like Nike where—I mean, um, yeah, I mean …



Source: Yahoo

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Man **** Kanye he has done way too much to Taylor Swift especially at the VMA’s .... like what’s his problem? Poor girl got her first VMA and he had to completely ruin her moment. Then he goes and does this? He is scum of the earth... though I enjoy a few of his songs (Graduation was amazing tbh) .... he lost my respect a while ago.... and I remember when he was asking people for money so he could make “art”? A true artist has true talent and can create regardless.... I despise what he has done to Taylor. Shame on you Kanye ezgif-7-6df784dd4d75.gif

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Now Look at what made you do. Seems like a prophet bop. That karma line came true. 


But we all Know it's not easy to cancel Kim. Somehow no matter how many scamdals that family creates. They seem to be teflon pots. And get away with everything.


She should be cancelled to. For what she did. But we all know. Mama Kris is fixing this as we speak. 

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i never liked kim or any1 of her family. so i am not surprised they lied. i still don't think the fact he named her b is worth of the drama. it's obvious KW is really strange person-i watched his monolog on ellen-i couldn't understand what the h he was talking about. He always wanted fame and TS is really famous, so  he ruined her speech at vma-so ppl would  talk about it, then mentioned her in a song. the fact he didn't tell her about that line only shows the kind of person he is. he called her and talked to her about song but wasn't completely honest. so what was the point of calling anyway-to ask her to tweet about the song to promote it-omg that is so lame

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1 hour ago, Spicechinodiva said:

Now Look at what made you do. Seems like a prophet bop. That karma line came true. 


But we all Know it's not easy to cancel Kim. Somehow no matter how many scamdals that family creates. They seem to be teflon pots. And get away with everything.


She should be cancelled to. For what she did. But we all know. Mama Kris is fixing this as we speak. 

Why should she get cancelled? Also what is with this movement that you have to cancel the person just because the person did something that hurt your feelings? Seriously, stop this nonsense. 

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The popstar fandom is doing a drama of this superficiality  Kayne and Taylor, but nothing against abuse Britney Spears suffers for 12 years where her legal rights were taken / stolen.
The popstar fandom makes a drama because Justin  Bieber chooses Hailey over Selena and even accuses him of being a psychological abuser, but they continue to support Justin Timberlake for years who humiliated, insulted, sold, despised, manipulated the press and society to sell records and image the good and faithful boy, laugh at her at her worst, moment and whenever he has a chance (aka, his concerts 07,etc , MTV 2013, etc ),talk about her in all his promotions especially when he is a flop, all this publicly and continue to support it (the funny thing is that most of them are fans of Britney ).
Priorities ...

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