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  1. Thank you for taking a moment to get familiar with the Rules of Exhale. These guidelines create boundaries for our community to follow. They exist to protect you from harm, and help keep Exhale a safe space for pop music and culture lovers. 🙏 Topics and replies that are acceptable and encouraged... Elevate the conversation. Encourage others to reply with meaningful responses Are thought provoking Offer value and insight Share useful information Create discussions. Posts that are unacceptable and discouraged... Include racist, ***ist, homophobic, or transphobic content. If a comment is hateful in nature, there will be repercussions. Freedom of speech does not mean freedom of consequence. Do not post or publicly share any download/file sharing links. Please post Topics to the appropriate forum Music news goes in the Music News Forum. Britney Spears news goes in the Britney Spears Forum etc. You may see a list of the forums here. Excessive bumping of old threads may result in warning points. When posting gifs that are NOT provided as emoticons please remember that it is 3 gifs per post max. Failure to comply to this may result in warning points. Example posts that violate our Community Guidelines: Here are some real-life examples of replies where members received Warning Points for violating our Community Guidelines. Example 1: This post incites hate. The language is aggressive and offensive. Example 2: Name calling. Example 3: This image includes the words "suck my....." Inappropriate Content: Do not link to or share ****ography and/or nudity in any way, shape or form. Breaking this rule may result in warning points or an immediate and permanent ban. This also applies to avatars, usernames, statuses and user descriptions. Quoting such posts is equally wrong and will result in warning points or a permanent ban. If you see these posts, please report then ignore them. The Exhale Moderators Team: The Exhale Moderators Team are members who dedicate their time to moderate the forum. They are here to preserve order, keep things organized and most importantly... help you if you are in need. Please treat moderators with the utmost respect and kindness! If your topic/post has been edited or deleted by a moderator, respect that. If you have a question, reach out and respectfully ask for clarification. If you are facing any kind of problem, send a private message to one of the moderators to discuss it (versus airing out your dirty laundry in public). Moderators: @JordanMiller @CrazyButItFeelsAllright @PokemonSpears @Puppy @Roxxy @Slayer @Urbanney Rules On Reporting: While it is encouraged to report any rule breaker within reason, try not to misuse the report button. Do not report anything unless it is actually worth reporting - this includes (but is not limited to) topics that have already been locked. In short, the following is what is deemed worth reporting by the Exhale Moderators Team: Racist/homophobic/transphobic/***ist posts File sharing/download links/snippets of upcoming releases (audio/video) Duplicate accounts/previously banned members ****ography/nudity Website promoters (threads/posts/messages) Stalking/posting personal information without permission (threads/posts/messages) Spam Death threats/wishes A list of Warnings Points can be seen here: Automatic moderation: Exhalers can help contribute! A post that receives 3 or more reports from Exhalers will automatically be hidden from view. We're in this together: Bear in mind that we are human and doing our best. Please think before reporting. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out. Communication is key. We're here for you. Thank you for being a part of Exhale.
  2. Exhale


    Exhalers who contribute to the Exhale community by creating topics, replying to others and adding events to our Pop Anniversaries Calendar are rewarded with Points. These Points can purchase: An Exhale+ subscription Items and abilities in the Members Shop Edit Rank Name Pin a thread Gamble How to earn points: Posting a new thread = 20 Points Posting a new reply = 5 Points Each reply left by an Exhaler on your thread = 1 Point Receiving positive Reputation = 1 Point Visiting Exhale once per day = 5 Points Posting a new calendar entry = 20 Points Replying to a calendar entry = 5 Points View your Points total in your profile.
  3. Hey ShaunSD92103,

    Welcome to Exhale! Please feel free to introduce yourself in the Welcome section. We've already created a thread there to introduce you! Go check it out.

    If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out via the Ask A Question Forum.

    Get intimately familiar with the rules of Exhale.

    If you'd like to get familiar with a few of the Exhale basics, like how to post a Topic or reply to a Topic, visit the FAQ page.

    Other quick links:

    List of Forums

    Reputation Leaderboard

    The Bank




    Thanks for joining! We're looking forward to getting to know you.

    – Team Exhale

  4. Posting a new topic is great for when you want to share news and information, a song, video, pose a question and/or create a Poll for members to vote in. Think of something engaging and thought-provoking! What would inspire Exhalers to reply? Select the appropriate forum category your new thread belongs under. For example, if you want to create a new Topic about Britney Spears, visit the Britney Spears Forum. If you want to share music news, visit the Music News Forum. A list of forums is located on the Forums page (a link can also be found in the navigation menu). On mobile, tap the + sign located in the bar at the very top of every page. On desktop, click the Start new topic button. Fill out your Topic's Title, add a Tag (eg. 'britney'), insert your text / media. If you would like to submit a Poll as well, click the tab that says 'Poll.' Input your Poll's question and then submit answers members can choose from. Click the Submit button at the bottom. Done!
  5. Words are one thing, but sassy little GIFs are another. Feel free to sprinkle your posts with our emotes. How? Figure it out. Just kidding. When creating a new Topic or replying to a Topic, notice a small smiley face icon in the tool bar. Tap, select your emote and voila! Sass in a glass, err... GIF.
  6. Please read the rules of Exhale before submitting a report. Generally speaking, if you find something offensive, or see a post that clearly breaks our rules, we ask you report it. Report someone's post by tapping: Mobile: The white flag icon located in the top right corner of the post. Desktop: Tap "Report post" Select whether you want to: Tell a moderator about a comment because of a styling error, a broken embed link or something miscellaneous. Tell a moderator about an offensive comment You may include a message * Please note Exhalers, if three people report the same post because it's offensive, it'll automatically become hidden from view. * Do not abuse this filtering system or you may receive warning points. Only report something if you truly believe there's harm to Exhalers.
  7. A status update is a bite sized note you want to share with the Exhale community. You can post a status update by navigating to your profile page. Mobile: Tap the navigation on the menu at the top right of your screen Tap account > Profile Scroll to where it says "Activity" Type something in the comment form and click "Submit Status" Desktop: Click your username in the top right corner of the page Click Profile Type something in the comment form and click "Submit Status" * If you do not see these forms, your status option may be disabled. You can re-enable it by: Navigating to your profile Click "edit profile" Tap "Enable status updates?" so that the switch is green Refresh the page
  8. Hello Exhalers! It's important we work together to keep the forum a place of integrity. Please make yourself familiar with the rules. Moderators may issue warning points for the following: Bad Words / Profanity 2 warning points Automatically removed after 2 days Offensive Material 4 warning points Automatically removed after 2 days Incites Hate When an Exhaler clearly disrespects another Exhaler and/or purposefully sets out to dilute or muddy the community. 3 warning points Automatically removed after 2 days Spamming 2 warning points Automatically removed after 2 days. Restricted from posting for 1 day Spam is considered: Content that purposefully detracts from the on-going discussion Repeated posts without merit Linking to problematic websites Pushing an agenda for personal gain Evidence that a bot is behind the account Nudity/****ography 20 warning points Permanent Indefinitely restricted from posting Illegal Download Link 4 warning points Automatically removed after 2 days Posting Personal Information Posting an Exhaler's personal information is considered purposeful intent to harm another member. 5 warning points Automatically removed after 2 days. Misleading Title Title A misleading thread / thread title is when a member purposefully tricks members into clicking their thread. It must be explicit and an obvious attempt at clickbait. Misleading threads are designed to misrepresent the topic at hand. 2 warning points Automatically removed after 2 days. Bumping Threads Members may bump old threads, but only if they are genuinely contributing to the old topic. Warning points will be issued if members purposefully bump in-active threads for no apparent reason, and/or bump multiple old threads simply to cause disorder. 2 warning points Automatically removed after 2 days. Blatant Disrespect When a member shows blatant disrespect and/or purposefully sets out to dilute or muddy the environment. 3 warning points Automatically removed after 2 days. Harassment When a member shows blatant disrespect and/or purposefully sets out to dilute or muddy the environment. 3 warning points Automatically removed after 2 days. Here's a breakdown of the warning points if issued: 5 warning points = restricted from posting for 24 hours 10 warning points = restricted from posting for 3 days 15 warning points = restricted from posting for 1 week 20 warning points = restricted from posting indefinitely 50 warning points = permanent ban If you received a warning and want to dispute it, please submit a ticket in the Support forum. Thank you, - Team Exhale
  9. Giving someone Reputation (located on every member's post inside a topic) affects your overall Reputation score presented on Exhale's leaderboard. Exhalers with higher Reputation scores are considered more trustworthy and valuable than those with lower counts. It means there's a consensus that their posts positively contribute towards the greater good of Exhale. Exhalers also move up in rank based off of how much Reputation you receive. The higher your rank on Exhale, the more privileges an Exhaler gets access to. Giving Reputation to another member: If you react positively towards an Exhaler's post, it will increase that Exhaler's Reputation score by +1. If you react negatively towards an Exhaler's post, it will decrease that Exhaler's Reputation score by -1. If you react towards an Exhalers' posts, they are likely to react back to yours. Exhalers' posts with 10+ positive Reputation points become highlighted and differentiated because they are considered more valuable. Your Reputation score is visible in your profile. The Reputation leaderboard is located here (as well as in the navigation menu). It awards a first, second and third place each day for Exhalers who contribute the most. A Reaction can be worth +1, or -1 Reputation depending on what the reaction is. At the bottom of this post is a key for what each reaction is worth. +1 means one Reputation point was added to your total Reputation score. -1 means one Reputation was removed from your total Reputation score. Reactions also contribute towards an Exhalers Points tally. Points are spent in the Member Shop to buy different abilities on Exhale. As your Reputation count increases, so does your Reputation Level. The more Reputation you receive, the higher your Reputation Level is on Exhale. The Reputation names reflect the theme of fire. The more Reputation you have, the more you heat up Exhale. Spark 0-9 Reputation score Ember 10 Reputation score Flame 50 Reputation score Fire 300 Reputation score Blaze 1,000 Reputation score Inferno 2,000 Reputation score Solar Flare 5,000 Reputation score Phoenix 10,000 Reputation score Summary: React to Exhalers' posts. Positively contribute to Exhale and you will be rewarded by your peers. Positive Reputation: Love: +1 Reputation, +1 Shop Point Like: +1 Reputation, +1 Shop Point Haha: +1 Reputation, +1 Shop Point Negative Reputation: Dislike: -1 Reputation, 0 Shop Points
  10. Well.... you created a thread here yesterday that got your posts moderated for 24 hours.... Please make sure you abide by the rules and there won't be a problem
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