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What artists reached global superstardom with their debut?

Jordan Miller

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Obviously Britney did with Baby One More Time, Christina with her self-titled... a lot of artists that era did because we had big label pushes and no Internet / social media to organically create stars.

I know Beyonce was big in Destiny's Child prior to her debut solo album, but that was a game changer for her career trajectory. 

Billie Eilish's latest album When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? is probably the most recent example of crazy success with a debut. 

What are some debuts that stand out to you? Can be a song or album. :mhm:


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Christina is a lot like Britney, becoming a superstar instantly and JT is a lot like Beyonce, having huge success with a group and then going on to have a successful solo career with his first album. 

Avril Lavigne also found huge success with her debut album Let go. I kinda find her and Billie Eilish a bit similar. Not so much their sounds but their image. That of the teenage girl who seems mature for her age and has an edgier vibe, in her music and style, than her peers.

I'm not really familiar with recent debuts but i believe The Weeknd also became a huge star with his debut, right? 


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Ke$ha (when she used to be good) with Tik Tok and Animal. She was so good and impactful during her debut that she holds the distinction of preventing one of the greatest pop songs ever created, from topping the Hot 100 - Lady Gaga's Bad Romance. #StreamStupidLove :runga:

Tik Tok spent 9 weeks at the top of the Hot 100 and 8 non consecutive weeks at the top of the United World Chart (#1 in 17 countries), becoming the first #1 of the 2010s decade in the US and worldwide. It topped the Pop Songs chart as well, home turf of our girl Britney. The song is certified 8x Platinum by RIAA and was Billboard's #1 song of 2010, #24 of the 2010s decade, and #61 all time.

The album, Animal, debuted at the top of the Billboard 200 Albums Chart and is certified 3x platinum by RIAA.

Ke$ha, like our girl Britney, is one of the very few artists to top both the Hot 100 and Billboard 200 Albums chart, simultaneously, with their debut single and album. 

The album produced four top 10s including one #1 and all certified multiplatinum by RIAA.

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I miss this Ke$ha. I hope she really brings back the dollar sign on her next album -  that is, if she'll ever have the chance to make one again. :bcutelaugh:

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In Europe, Asia, Africa in 80's and 90's and begging of 00's German music band Modern Talking was gigantic and achieved huge success and sold around 120 millions albums. And their 1st ever single from 1984 (during their come back in 1998 it was remixed and refreshed) You're my heart you're my soul went all around world (except US and UK) and till today their biggest hit. 

In 2003 band split for the 2nd time(first one on 1988)and for the last time. 

Music producer, writer of lyrics, manager Dieter Bohlen became German legend and has a title in Germany, Austria, Switzerland "Pop Titant" and since 2002 is a leader of jury of German "Idol" and "I got a talent" and is seen as German Simon. His 2 books were bestsellers in Germany. Modern Talking is the best selling German music product. 



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