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How old were you when 'Baby One More Time' came out?

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4 hours ago, rik said:

for those of you old enough to remember, do you remember feeling isolated by britney's image at some point early on as a child. how would you describe the demographic change of her music from BOMT to the Slave performance (or did fans simply grow older with her)

I never felt alienated by her image. It was actually very empowering even as a child. Not trying to sound cool here but even as a kid who was a few years before adolescence, i had a connection with her where I just get it. The Slave performance, even as a 12 year old, i get why there's a snake involved because the theme was "jungle". And that is why i am absolutely appalled that someone like Oprah who i think is a very smart woman, did not get that. [see Oprah Interview, Feb 2002]

or maybe i'm just a **** very early in my life. :cutebrit:

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