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Jamie asks to step down from conservatorship


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O dear lord. Who the hell is Jodi Montgomery? Also, why isn’t a judge stepping in prematurely to put an end to this madness??? Also, Britney is able but UNWILLING to go? she has clearly been fighting this conservatorship all year so why would she be unwilling to go? Does she even know or does she found out after the fact like usual?

:disappointed: I’m over this, I just want them to take Britney out of this mess.

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Interesting how abuse allegations come out against him and suddenly he’s “too sick” again and needs to step down. Do him and his lawyers not realize how painfully obvious it is what they’re doing? They even made sure to request a hearing before the date the results of the investigation come in.. like come on now. We see you Jamie. 

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Who the hell is Jodi Montgomery?

Britney Army @Meaner03 this calls for an Exhale Investigation. Look into it! :snooptoya:

1. I’m happy Jamie is stepping down BUT I don’t believe TMZ’s spin that it’s voluntary. LBR Jamie had only two choices: voluntarily resign or be removed by Judge Penny. This **** is on the run for child abuse investigation FFS and I believe this “temporary” resignation will become permanent in time.

2. I don’t think that Jamie should be the one choosing his replacement!!! It’s sounds like Jodi will be Jamie 2.0. 

3. The judge should assign a new 3rd party independent conservator of their (Judge Penny’s) choice. Someone completely neutral not some leftover handler from the Jamie era who’s likely extremely loyal to Jamie Spears, Lou Taylor and Larry Rudolph. Oh hell no!!!

4. Last but not least. Jamie’s resignation as Britney’s conservator has NOTHING TO DO WITH HIS HEALTH!!! Barely 3 weeks ago he was healthy and strong enough to KNOCK DOWN A DOOR WITH HIS BARE HANDS!!! So don’t lie and play sick again!! We’re not stupid!! Good riddance! I’m weary of Jodi tbh!!

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1 minute ago, NotAlone07 said:

He shouldn’t be able to choose his replacement. It should be court appointed and no way Britney doesn’t want to fight this. This feels so wrong and scary it shouldn’t go like this. :wontcry:

In one hand, I totally agree it should be the judge who determines who should be the conservator.

In the other hand, I don't think anyone could be worse than Jamie, except maybe Lou.


What I keep thinking is that, being a conservator, besides just receiving millions of dollars, also requires a lot of responsibility, so unless the conservator has a lot of interest/ambition like Jamie in keeping their duties as conservator for over a decade, I don't think it's an easy task that any average person would like to assume. What I mean is that, this Jodi whoever she is, Lynne, Bryan, whoever, would eventually get tired of having such responsibility, because, normally, people have a life, a job, other activities, so it's more easy that they ultimately help Britney dissolve the conservatorship. Jamie doesn't have anything else, that's why he was able to stay for this long without getting tired or bored.


So in summary, I think any change is favorable at this point.

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